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San Diego Fires

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Back in May 2014 there was another round of fires in San Diego.

I missed the one in 2003 being away at UCLA.

I also missed the one in 2007 being away in England.

I had never experienced the panic, rush, fear, and adrenaline of the fires before…but this time was too close for comfort. The closest fire started at the golf course to the East of my backyard. Then burned North and West and then South and then West again… basically just perfectly around my house by one block!

My coworker came into my office at work and said “dude there’s a fire up near your house I think,” and I just kind of brushed him off. Then he was like, “it’s right by my friend’s house off at the corner of ___ and ___.”

I was like, “uh, that is one block from my house. Shut down for me I’m done for the day!”

And I sped home.

The view from my front door!

Good to know I evacuated the most important items first right…?

Well that fire got put out by the evening and I snuck back to my condo even though it was closed off. I ran around to friends homes to send them picture texts that their homes were standing. Some of their houses had very very close calls!

Anyway, ultimately I had a new appreciation for firefighters and their work, and really what mattered in life. My surfboards.

The view of another fire from my balcony that night.


Written by jonewantsm3

January 11, 2015 at 1:00 am

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