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No More Music Box

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As you may have realized, I stopped posting a monthly artist on Music Box since the beginning of this year.


Because people are stupid that’s why.

And here is my rant. Please enjoy.

I still had people coming up to me and saying how this artist was better than the one I posted, or I had bad musical taste, or that more people listen to an artist that I did not post up therefore they are better…


Let me retort.

First off, Justin Beiber has millions of listeners and I can’t stand his music. The number of listeners does not equate to an artist producing good music… it just means they make more money.

Secondarily, the music I posted was stuff that I found to be interesting and fun to listen to. You may have different preference in musical style and it’s okay to not like the music that I like. I did not form the band nor am I the one playing the music so I won’t be offended.

Thirdfully, which is obviously not a word, I have one last argument for all the critics out there.

Before opening your mouth to comment on music, you must first examine whether or not you actually play a musical instrument and know more about music than you think you do. There is a whole lot more going on beside having a simple beat and catchy riffs and vocals that sound nice. Composition, difficulty, lyrics, emotion, creativity and much more…when sewn together in a good way make a great song.

Unfortunately for my critical friends, I’ve grown up playing instruments my entire life. I’ve taken cello and piano classes for years and I’ve played guitar for half my life and have played with other musicians of all sorts of skill levels and styles. So I kind of feel that I know a little more than the average person when it comes to talking about a song.

And if you begin talking to me about baseball, I won’t talk much because I don’t know too much about it and I won’t pretend to. I played a little bit as a kid but what does that count for? It would be foolish for me to rant about how much I know because I don’t know much.

Now if you talk to me about football, I could give you stats of individual players going back years and what teams they used to be on and what college records they hold and list off their old and current teammates and whether or not they have any off the field issues.

You get where I’m going with this?

And since Music Box evolved into something stressful instead of being a fun way to help others discover new bands and explore new musical styles… I’ve decided to stop.

I’ll leave you with one last song.

One of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life.



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April 18, 2013 at 1:00 am

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Music Box: Kishi Bashi

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It’s that time of year to relax and enjoy music vibes that are more traditional, more festive and soothing.

Like a zen master

Kishi Bashi is a one man, multi-instrumental singer songwriter made of the band members Kaoru Ishibashi and invisible ninjas. Invisible ninjas are the only logical explanation for his ability to produce such full sounding music while being the only one on stage (or maybe loop pedals). He’s the former singer/founding member of Jupiter One (anybody remember them from years ago?) and has strong ties to awesome musicians such as Regina Spektor and Of Montreal.

I do admit that at times I’m not the biggest fan of his choice of lyrics but Kishi Bashi is a violin master who is able to engage most audiences instrumentally.

Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites

And you can’t really appreciate how good he is until you see him live. Here is Kishi Bashi playing Manchester.

Uh. Maze. Ing. Get. On. It.

Artist: Kishi Bashi
Album: 151a

Suggested Music:

Remember Contrakids? Of course you do oh faithful follower of my Music Box…well they finally put their insanely good single, Cry, on youtube.

Listen and weep. Get it? Because… the song is called Cry…

And for further audio enjoyment, here are some oldies from my more spunky, poppy, energetic youth:

Here’s Jupiter One – Platform Moon:

And Jupiter One – Countdown:

Youthful memories of skipping along flower fields while twirling ribbons… good ol’ days.

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December 10, 2012 at 1:00 am

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Music Box: Blargh

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Blargh is not the name of a band that nobody knows about…(or maybe it is but I have not checked)

A quick google search of “Blargh” resulted in this…

Blargh is how I feel this month about finding an artist for Music Box.

Blargh is how I feel when I have to wake up at 4:30-4:45 AM everyday.

Blargh is how I feel recently about the new time change.

Blargh is how I feel when I leave for work in the morning and it is really dark.

Blargh is how I feel when I leave work in the evening and it is dark.

Blargh is how I feel about politics.

Blargh is how I feel about the San Diego Chargers.

Blargh is also how I feel about the Los Angeles Lackers.

Blargh is how I feel when I realize that I’m slowly developing a man-gina and realizing that I need to man up.

Another google search also turned up this cute blargh cat

How am I going to un-blargh myself?

Step One: Click Below

20% un-blarghed

Step Two: Click Below

40% un-blarghed

Step Three: Click Below

60% un-blarghed

Step Four: Click Below

80% un-blarghed

Step Five: Click Below

100% un-blarghed

You’re welcome.

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November 8, 2012 at 1:00 am

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Music Box: Christopher Norman

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My infatuation with the electronic music world continues.

Imagine a world of robots with emotions. They would probably listen to the creatively soft music produced by the human named Christopher Norman. This would probably be the equivalent of us humans listening to music created by a robot that spoke to our emotional souls…which may not be a bad idea…considering all the junk out there today.

Christopher Norman has been releasing a bunch of EPs and you can check them out on his website.

Prepare for the amazing:

If I was a robot, I would cry after hearing this song

Only 150 views…

Get on it. Buy the EPs.

Artist: Christopher Norman
Album: EP3

Suggested Music:

I reacquainted myself with the most beautiful and talented Emiliana Torrini recently. She’s goooood…

So good.

Now for an upbeat one:

Great dance moves.

And while we’re at it… here’s Lisa Hannigan:

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October 8, 2012 at 1:00 am

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Music Box: White Arrows

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White Arrows is this month’s feature for Music Box. They’re straight out the Los Angeles-ness and as you can tell from their picture, they just don’t give a crap. Electronic? Sure. Pop style? Why not. Rocking guitar riffs? Sounds good. Psycho-dazzle-snazzles? Go for it. Watermelon shirt on the right? Tasty.

This band assembles an interesting collection of sounds to produce songs that you for sure won’t get tired of hearing.

Here’s one:

Sounds great huh.

So good that drugs are not required to enjoy the visual stimuli going on in this video…

Still not giving a crap

Get their album, it’s mostly good.

Artist: White Arrows
Album: Dry Land Is Not A Myth

Suggested Music:

Sit back and enjoy the end of summer with a classic summer hit (according to me):

Zoidberg boy scored himself a pretty one

And the band Chairlift is one you should know if you haven’t heard them yet!

So good!

Japanese version with armpit hair!

I belong in your armpits…

Not only can Caroline Polachek sing… she has great dance moves too:

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September 10, 2012 at 1:00 am

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Music Box: Contrakids

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Okay. I have been keeping a lot of secrets lately.

This month’s artist is one that I’ve been keeping close to my musical heart since February when I first heard them and pretty much have listened to them once a day, everyday…including today. Contrakids are a duo out of Sydney, OZ and have combined the soulful R&B with electronica induced musica which may at first push people away but has completely got me addicted.

In fact, I am the biggest advocate against any use of any auto-tuning in a song…but their method of application is probably the only 0.01% chance in the universe in which it does not overwhelm my instincts to smash something fragile.

These guys produce a sound that has got me so hooked, I may as well move to Australia and become one of their groupies roadies friends. They don’t look too happy in their pictures so I figured they may need some more friends. Or maybe that’s why there is so much emotion behind their songs.

Check out the first masterpiece:

What a tune.

If you think that song was good, wait until you hear their slower stuff because that is where they really shine. Their slower songs are on another level of amazing you’ll be blown away.

This music is way too sexy for my own good. I am suddenly shirtless.

And my favorite song by them and vote for song of the year:

They released an EP late last year called Into You but I still can’t find where to buy it. In the meantime, here’s their info to keep a track of them.

Spread the wealth.

Artist: Contrakids
Album: Into You EP

Suggested Music:

And now that you’re feeling sexy too, here are a couple dance-y songs.

Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know

Of course the robot had to be Japanese…

And another groover by Session Victim – Dark Sienna

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August 8, 2012 at 1:00 am

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Music Box: Tiny Victories

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This month’s artist is Tiny Victories.

We are in the middle of summer and we all deserve happy music.

These Brooklyn guys use their music to create a mood perfect for that summer house party that I have always wanted to throw you have always wanted to throw so your friends can destroy your living situation. And by destroy I really mean party.

Mind = blown

Here’s another one in case you have two minds:

Buy it now!

Artist: Tiny Victories
Albums: Those Of Us Still Alive

Suggested Music:

The following is one of the best jam sessions I have ever seen. Chromeo + Daryl = Winning Formula

And this is a gem of a discovery too:


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July 11, 2012 at 1:00 am

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