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Chinese Food Review

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I recently had lunch at a Chinese restaurant that I’ve never been to.

When I invited my boss he declined and added the snide comment, “how typical.” Oh. I forgot that I must like Asian food because I’m Asian. Not because the fact that I really enjoy anything sweet and sour or kung pao-y or sesame walnutted on my food…

Well, to be fair to my boss when we arrived at the Chinese restaurant this is what we saw:

How stereotypical indeed…

The restaurant was in a rail car!

I thought it was cool at first, until I realized how uncomfortable it was. And muggy. And narrow. And dirty. Just like Asia.

The Oriental Express

When the waiter came around to take my order and I said, “I would like to have this please,” he said, “no you don’t.”

I looked at him and asked, “I don’t?”

He says, “no, you want this one. Trust me.”

Then he winked and smiled.

I smiled and replied, “that one sounds great, I’ll have that thank you.”

As he walked away, I looked across the table to my white coworker who was giving me this what-the-hell-just-happened look. I explained to him that there are good items on the menu and then there are Asian stuff on the menu and usually at Chinese restaurants, the waiter will advise the Chinese people of the Asian stuff on the menu.

He asked me about the wink and I told him it was a sign of trust and communication.

Unspoken communication like…

“Spicy short ribs meat is one week old do not order it”

“That item tastes like panda ass but we keep it on the menu because round eyes like ordering and eating it.”

“That chicken dish is not 100% chicken dish…”

You get what I’m saying?

Needless to say, when our order finally showed up, mine tasted bomb while my coworkers looked like, well, panda ass.

I give this place a 5 chopstick rating. I will be back soon.


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May 8, 2013 at 1:00 am

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In-N-Out vs Five Guys

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About a year ago, my friend who moved out from the Midwest got excited because they discovered a Five Guys burger joint in San Diego. They said that Five Guys was the best burger joint in the world and my obvious answer being a So-Californian was, “Better? Even better than In-N-Out?”

Their answer, “Yes.”

Wow. A burger that is better than In-N-Out. While I am not a snob that goes around petitioning and fighting for the goodness or reputation of In-N-Out… I am a very realistic person. If a place is better than In-N-Out, then I guess it’s better than In-N-Out, but In-N-Out is very very hard to beat in terms of taste and price. Even when I visit Seattle a few years back, a group of friends told me that they have a burger joint that rivaled In-N-Out called Dick’s Drive-In. I tried it. Garbage.

Anyway, when I heard this week on the radio that Five Guys narrowly beat out In-N-Out in a national taste test… I knew the time had come for me to try it. I also found a Five Guys near me in North County SD and made an appointment to grab lunch there on the weekend. Here are my thoughts:

1. Free peanuts while you wait for your food to get made? Good if you like peanuts I guess. I really don’t care for peanuts when I’m eating burgers and fries. It reminds me of the Original Roadhouse Grill where you can throw your unwanted peanut disposables onto the ground when you’re done with them. Oh wait, you can’t do that at Five Guys.

2. Hmm. The design looks suspiciously like In-N-Out. And I know In-N-Out came first…

3. They sell hotdogs too…I wonder if anybody even buys them.

4. Wow, they really like to advertise how everybody likes them. There are posted reviews and quotes on every single wall space available. Lame.

I guess I did not stand around too long and went ahead and purchased everything I would normally at an In-N-Out. Double double (Cheeseburger), animal style (everything and grilled onions and mushrooms minus the mayo), fries, and a drink. The cost? Just over twelve dollars. Holy crap. Yea you read that right. Twelve friggin dollars. This is way more expensive than the crap I pay for when I feel like getting ripped off at The Counter…which is a horrible burger place. Anyway, I paid and sat down contemplating how amazing this meal must be because twelve dollars is a heck of a lot of coin to drop on a burger meal. The previous week I got two double doubles animal style, fries well done and a neapolitan shake at In-N-Out for the same price.

Anyway, I got the meal and ate it. Here are my findings:

1. The fries are damn good. I actually liked them more than In-N-Out and they’re seasoned really well.

2. The burger comes looking like a ball wrapped in foil and is slightly bigger than an In-N-Out double double. It’s a big filling burger.

3. The meal was definitely not worth more than $12.

4. Best tasting burger? Debatable.

My conclusion? I will continue eating at In-N-Out and I will probably never go back to Five Guys. Their burgers are good but very similar to In-N-Out. Who’s better? Dude, it’s about the same in taste…it’s ridiculous to me when people claim that something is way better than it really is when in reality, they’re comparable.  It reminds me of another popular food trend back in the early 2000’s…see idiots who were sucked in by the Krispy Kreme Donut craze. The sesame buns are pretty lame and kind of suck though (did they run next door to vons?) I’ll give it to them though that this is a tasty burger and the fries are extremely good. But no way can someone make a real claim that In-N-Out is better than Five Guys and vice versa…they’re just both really good burgers. So why will I never eat at Five Guys again?

The price.

People must be idiots to pay $12 for a burger, fries and a drink when they can get it for $8 at In-N-Out.

Oh wait, people are idiots sometimes and will pay more so they can post on facebusiness that they ate there and/or take a twit pic and be like, “yo check me out, I’m getting ripped off at Five Guys but that’s the new and cool place to eat at so I’m okay with it because people will notice that I’m hip!”

Obviously, I’m not cool or hip because real life cool people never use the word: hip.

And I’ve been eating way too many burgers and burritos lately so I’ll see you at the gym.

To see the full Pulp Fiction burger scene…just click play:

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September 25, 2011 at 7:46 pm

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McRib Virgin No More

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The past few years I’ve been hearing this hype about a seasonal item that McDonald’s sells to fat Americans and unhealthy, lazy people worldwide; I’m talking about the McRib sandwich burger thing.

I must confess, I eat McDonald’s maybe twice or thrice a year, and it’s only because I have a craving for their fries or $1 soft serve cone on a hot day. I also recently watched the Super Size Me documentary on my Netflix just last month so I had no desire whatsoever to be dipping my feet into the filthy rivers of fast food anytime soon…especially a McDonald’s.

But curiosity always gets the best of me…and therefore I needed to try this sandwich. Everybody was talking about it. My brother told me about it the week before, the morning radio station talked about it for thirty minutes and people seemed to really genuinely love it. So earlier this week when my brother asked where we should go for dinner, I for whatever reason screamed out in a non-indoor voice, “McRib!!!” Although McRib is not an actual location, my brother got the idea and his smile showed me his agreement with my suggestion. The following is my experience with my first McRib:

Great presentation. They skimped me on the fries and the fountain soda mix was horrible and tasted like sweaty armpit but I was more interested in the contents of the box. I also have no idea why I bust out my Canon DSLR instead of just using the normal point and shoot. I guess a special occasion calls for a special camera. I took my first bite.

McDelicious, no…McLicious!

McParty on my Palate

McTangy on my Tastebuds

In a split nanosecond I could come up with a hundred other names that are super fitting for this sandwich. McAwesome Sandwich. I closed my eyes and took a second bite.  McFantasy Burger. I was all happiness and smiles. McTrue Happiness. I looked at my brother and said, “dude, this is McLicious.” He looked back at me with a weird stare and replied with a mouth full of food, “dude wwhhathefaaahyutaalkinaabout?”

I have no idea.

Final Thoughts: As good as it was (and yes, it was McGoodness…), I will not be going back to McDonald’s anytime soon simply because eating their stuff is equivalent to pumping fat into your arteries. I might was well bite into a stick of butter like my little sister did at Disney World in Orlando…only to have the white family next to us look at us Asians with complete shock and disgust. I do say this though, if you have never tried it, at least try it once because its by far the best thing on their menu.

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November 6, 2010 at 1:00 am

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HTC Touch Pro 2

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So I got this new phone. It is amazing.

If you talked to me a couple days ago, I would have told you that it sucked and that I was trying hard to get rid of it. I’ve changed my mind. I had a blackberry curve prior to this phone and was just used to being able to text someone in 5 seconds…with one hand…blind-folded. Although I cannot do that with this new phone, the cool features far outweigh my ability to text while driving a car…I mean in 5 seconds.

Here are some pictures because I know that’s what you want to see anyway.

The screen looks shiny and it is, but it’s not as bad as it looks. I just confused myself. An upgrade to windows mobile 6.5 is a MUST!

The media player is nice and so is the YouTube player and the windows media player.

The Touch Flo 3D is pretty sick. I don’t use the internet but the icons look way better from WM6.1

I guess some people do this and treat the phone like an alarm clock.

This is the media player in landscape mode…

The keyboard on the HTC TP2 is pretty good although I still like the blackberry better. It might just have to do with how the keys are spaced out. Apparently, I still break girls’ hearts. Nothing changed there.

You can also have a list of favorite contacts in your address book for people who like to call you all the time to check up on you to see what you are doing for no apparent reason. You can also give them a profile picture to match.

One of the major reasons I started liking this phone was the touch keyboard was horrible on WM6.1 and after the upgrade to WM6.5, it was a lot better (meaning you could actually type on it with your fingers instead of using the stupid stylus). I got lots of other things to figure out with this still. You can link all your phone contacts with their facebook profile and it will automatically download their picture and birthday to the phone, pretty nifty.

Anyway, I have no idea what I’m still doing here when I can be surfing…Cheers!


I got rid of this phone. Too much function and not enough use to justify owning it. I switched back to my crackberry which I love more than ever now. I return to having the ability to text someone a paragraph withing 10 seconds instead of touching this screen and messing up all the time.

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May 7, 2010 at 1:00 am

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Cell Phones of Past

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I’ve been looking a lot at cell phones lately and more specifically to change out my plan as I feel like I am paying too much for my services. This is a move related to my current condo purchase and me trying to cut down on monthly expenses. I just need something with a lot of minutes and texting and I’ll be good to go…although the google maps app and being able to check surfline on my phone right now has been tremendous, in being very necessary and completely unnecessary at the same time.

For some reason, the more I looked at phones the more I wanted to upgrade to a more expensive one. I guess for now I’ll stick with my blackberry. It got me thinking of all the phones that I’ve used in the past which has been quite a few. Here they are and how good/bad they were to me:

Nokia 3310     Rating 7/10

This was my very first phone that I got in early high school. Very good call quality from what I remember and very durable. I hung on to this guy throughout high school as it treated me well. I have no idea what happened to it.

Motorola V60     Rating 8/10

I went from a bomb candy bar style phone to a virtually indestructable flip phone. I never had any issues with this guy with dropped calls as it got amazing reception. Also, the fact that Motorola made this phone a tank, I was able to (unintentionally, of course) drop this guy, accidentally kick it on the floor, do everything you could possibly imagine to not do to a phone and it still worked. Kind of funny, but I saw this phone a couple days ago on the table and it still looks like it’s in great condition.

Motorola V66     Rating 4/10

This was supposedly the upgrade to a lighter and slimmer version of the V60. It should have been advertised as the more unreliable version that breaks easier. This phone was so fragile compared to the previous phone I had. I remember that star trek looking cover plate on the front coming off so easily all the time. It didn’t get great reception either.

Samsung E100     Rating 6/10

This phone was a sigh of relief as I did not have the Motorola V66 for a very long time. It was a little refreshing I remember to be able to step away from Motorola. This phone was great in every aspect except for the calls. I don’t remember being able to get great reception with this phone but being in the apartments at UCLA is hard anyway. I actually don’t think I owned the two previous phones for over a year total…kind of a fast turn around time.

Motorola RAZR     Rating 8/10

I’m not going to lie, this phone was great to me. The technology on this phone blew me away which is kind of funny now to look back at such a ‘basic’ phone compared to today’s standard. I remember my dad pestering me nonstop to get this phone because it was ‘the coolest phone available today”. It was a good choice to switch, but I lost my really awesome and easy to remember phone number. This phone was reliable and did it’s job and that’s all I can ask for. Nothing really fancy about it except it was a really sleek phone at the time that lots of people had.

Motorola SLVR     Rating 2/10

After sticking with the RAZR for a while and everybody and everybody’s cousin had the RAZR, I wanted to branch out and be unique. So I bought this crap of a phone on eBay and hated my life afterwards. This should be known as the Static-y Low Value unReliable phone. Yes, I achieved uniqueness in my phone as people would see it and be like, “cool phone dude!” I would just simply reply, “thanks, its not.” I stuck with this thing for a while because I paid for it and it actually was slightly useful when I went to Taiwan and England as it was my first unlocked phone.

Sony Ericsson K800i     Rating 9.5/10

This was and is the best phone that I have owned to date. I bought this guy in the UK and got it unlocked so I could use it back home in the states. It was solid, durable, took great pictures, had a great interface, great call quality, there’s nothing I can say bad about it. I wish I still had this phone as I let my brother borrow it and he did something to it. He won’t tell me exactly, but he claims he still has it but it’s in horrible condition. Whatever. Call me absurd or awkward but I miss this phone every once in a while. I’m such a loser.

Blackberry 8320 Curve     Rating 9/10

This is my current phone and it’s been great to me. I honestly spent a few months using it like a normal phone and not taking advantage of the internet, apps, bb messenger and other things. I’m so simple minded. BB messenger is simply amazing as I’m able to chat with my UK buddies every once in a while and it’s all part of the data plan for no additional charge. Everytime I’m driving somewhere and need to look up an address, the BB helps me out without me having to buy a GPS device for my car. Also, I can check fantasy football scores on Sunday during church serv.. I mean check the surf report while I’m not at church to see if the surf is good…yes…

What phones have you owned!?

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April 1, 2010 at 1:00 am

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Music: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

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I was introduced to them last week and can’t get enough of them. They seem to be a rip off of Arcade Fire but they sound good nonetheless. Their main song that everybody is diggin’ right now is “Home” which apparently the lead dude, Edward Sharpe, wrote with his co-singer/girlfriend who is now currently his co-singer/ex-girlfriend. Here’s the youtube video for you to get hooked on:

I can’t tell if they’ll make it big… seems like they’re trying too hard maybe…?

Check out their psychedelic website of awesome here .

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February 17, 2010 at 9:07 pm

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Metric “Twilight Galaxy”

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Heck. Yes.

Emily Haines owns this acoustic version of Twilight Galaxy.

Update: Gimme Sympathy video will rocks yours socks offs.

Shot in one take.

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August 14, 2009 at 11:09 pm

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