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Valladolid & Chichen Itza & Tulum

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I left Mexico City on New Years Eve to head to the Yucatan Peninsula for Valladolid, Chichen Itza, and Tulum. Remember when flying in Mexico to keep all of your valuable possessions on you always! For example, if you want to see it again, do not check it in!

I checked in my waterproof camera and after seeing it go into the conveyor belt labyrinth of thieves… I thought to myself, “hmm.. man I should have kept that on me. Oh well, I packed in WAY in the middle they won’t find it.” Ha. Haha! Upon arriving in Cancun and picking up my bag in the carousel, I checked and my camera was gone.

Dude, I wanted to fight everybody at the airport!

But we also had a bus to catch so…!@#$!^!!%^!!%$#%@$^&T&I*!!!!!

We spent the night at a crappy hostel/hotel thing… they blasted techno music until 4am and ear plugs could not keep out the constant bass.

Oh, and aside from the camera thievery, the lack of sleep on a horrible mattress, I had major food poisoning and did not eat for the rest of the trip. Yup… I did not eat for the next four days and spent every single day looking at beautiful views… and occasionally hustling myself carefully to create pico de gallo bowls if you know what I mean. Disgusting.

Anyway, it was a painful adventure that kept me on my toes…and the toilet bowl.

Here are some pictures:

Mayan tic-tac-toe

I know what you’re thinking (or probably not).

How can I go to such a beautiful place and not have many pictures right? Well, must I remind you of the stolen camera and massive dysentery issues. Yup.

The best part of this trip was swimming in a cenote cave and diving down to check out the areas and seeing little turtles all around. Also, swimming in the Caribbean was a major highlight for me because henever I was swimming or floating, my stomach behaved itself really well and I did not have urges to pollute the ocean (don’t worry).

This was a great trip overall.

The updates will keep coming soon!


Written by jonewantsm3

November 13, 2014 at 1:00 am

Posted in Adventures, Travel

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