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Haiti Part II

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Here we go with the lengthy Part II…

The next few days we spent updating the profiles of each child, taking pictures, and worked with the translators to read letters written to the kids and tried to come up with a letter to send back to the sponsors.

It sounds easy, but it was tons of work and it took forever.

We did have a little bit of time here and there to do crafts to keep the kids busy (we could only update 4-6 profiles at a time), play games, and organized a beach trip on the last day.

And instead of typing up what we did each day, I’ll just post a bunch of pictures and talk about them otherwise you’d be bored out of your brain.

We would work with the translators to help update their profiles

The kids were usually accompanied by one of their parents if they were not an orphan

We also worked on reading sponsor letters to the kids and having them write letters back. We would ask them questions and based on their answer, with the help of the translator, we would generate a letter to mail back to the sponsor.

They got some cool stuff too! Pictures, stickers, baseball cards, postcards…

The parents and kids had a great time

While they weren’t updating their profiles or responding to sponsors. The kids loved to color and stick the foam stickies onto their artwork. A few of them even loved to eat the foam stickies. And when they ran out of paper, they started coloring on themselves.


We played some field games too

This is the game called “run to the ball and start furiously kicking it and sometimes each other”

This game is called “listening to her incredible voice that makes up for his horrible strumming”

And here is a video that I shot of the horrible game called “running for your life” complete with inspirational soundtrack.

That was the worst game ever.

Tell me about it. Especially with all of their smiles and teeth and laughing and their little arms hugging me. Terrible.

The kids got meals the next few days as well instead of snacks. They were fed a rice and beans combination and the last day they had chicken mixed in. They were so happy to eat chicken!

Wash your hands before eating!

We also went to the surrounding neighborhood and villages to where these kids lived to take pictures of their houses, some specific items and visit their families. They were all very welcoming and accepting to us visiting their homes.

My favorite part of the trip was when we took the kids to the beach. Even though they lived only a few miles away, it was the first time for many of them.

If you have ever traveled in a third world bus, you will know that this bus is only about a quarter of the way filled right now…

Their first time in the water!

I love the ocean. This moment was so special for me to be able to spend a couple of hours with the kids in the Caribbean and for the many of them their first time trying to swim. The kids swarmed me in the ocean because they wanted someone to carry them around in the water. Being Captain Carried-Away, I got a little too excited and started launching them over my head over and over again as you would do at a pool party. I did not realize until after all of them had scattered out of fear that it was probably not the best idea to throw them all over the ocean. One little girl did keep running after me though. Here is a picture of Daphacar running after me.

She chased me for about five minutes. I love her little Chun Li hair buns



I think… if this post seems overwhelming it is because every single day was overwhelming. We were doing so much work every day that when we went home for dinner, all we could do was just and talk about what we did that day.

I wish I could post all of the pictures I had. I took well over 1,500 pictures to document the trip for COTN. Part of me was dreading the fact that at some point in the future I had to sit down and edit them.

Anyway, Part II complete. Stay tuned for Part III…


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