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Update From Haiti

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I wrote the following on our team blog to update friends back home. I copied and pasted it below:

Hello friends and family of the interweb!

Greetings from Haiti! The past few days have been extremely fun and tiring but very exciting altogether. It has been a nice change of pace from the life we live back home in the states where every day seems to operate on a schedule and rely so heavily upon the clock and keeping to a tight agenda. Life here in Haiti is very relaxed. When the coordinators tell us in the morning what our schedules will be like for that day, about 100% of the time it ends up being completely different from what was originally planned. I am perfectly okay with that. In fact, it has been a bit of a relief to get away from the internet, the phone and any type of media/news that we’re constantly surrounded by and hearing about every hour of the day. I have been using this time to read more and journal write down notes about my day, my thoughts and my impressions about life here. That’s right. Real men don’t journal. We write notes.

Anyway, here is the update on what we have been doing.

We spent a good portion of today and yesterday registering the children, updating their pictures (the young ones grow so much within a year!), reading letters to them written by their sponsors and writing letters back to their sponsors. While it has been a very slow process at times (the children are very young and shy), the translators have been extremely helpful and it has been a great pleasure to work along side them. It has been rad to see that the translators also share the love and vision for serving our Lord and the children here in Haiti.

Every morning, the kids gather at the church and sing songs, hear stories and then do activities or crafts while we registering the children. At lunch time, we form lines to wash hands and everybody is provided a simple lunch. Almost every single child here loves rice and beans but I think that has to do with the fact that almost every single child here only has the option to eat rice and beans. In the afternoon we come back to the church and continue registering the kids or walk around the neighborhood to visit with some of the local families.

A fun little note… every time a Haitian says “Haitian” it sounds completely like the word “Asians.” So I’m sorry that I got a little overly excited on the first day when I found out that we would be visiting hundreds of little Asian children later on in the day only to be slightly disappointed and confused…

Okay. Enough of the words…here are some pictures:

Every morning the children are given a chance to come to the front to sing a song, recite their favorite bible verse, or share a story. This morning Francesca decided to recite the entire book of Psalm and give detailed historical background of what David was struggling with while he was writing them…

During crafts, the children created masterpiece after masterpiece with crayons and foam stickers. This one was called Red Church Rainbow Ark with Misc Animals

Food! They were so happy and well behaved during this time!

Aside from crafts, stealing my hat, trying to destroy my camera, and letting them chase me around in 100 degree weather…I have found that the most effective way to show Christ’s love is by playing a game where I slap the back of their hands over and over again until we are both happy

The Haitian girls also taught me how to braid their hair. This was my first attempt which I know is slightly messy, but I only had about eight minutes

On the side, I have also been schooling them in the ways of complex mathematics. We will be discussing simple principles of thermodynamics this Saturday if our team leader Amber feels they are ready for it.

All kidding aside, we are all having a great time down here. The entire team is doing well, the kids are super fun and the staff is really supportive and hospitable to not only us but the entire community around the church. COTN has a real positive impact in the community and God is definitely doing great things in the lives of these children and their families.

Thanks so much for your support so far but please continue to pray for us as we finish our trip! We still have much work to do and cannot wait to go home and share with you the 2039842 stories of what God has been doing through COTN in Haiti!




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July 5, 2013 at 6:30 pm

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