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Best Places To Meet Women

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It seems to me that from my previous post, friends are approaching me because they feel that I am depressed about my single life. Far from it. In fact, I maintain a positive outlook on life most of the time even when it comes to my loneliness awesome years as a bachelor doing whatever I want.

And to prove it, I know exactly all of those secret spots and best spots where you can meet ladies. Here are a few ideas of places you can meet ladies.

Easy and straightforward. You can simply approach the hot girl checking herself out in the mirror in front of all of the guys, who by the way is probably wearing very little at all, and just be like, “excuse me, can you spot me?” She knows all of the guys are checking her out and the fact that you were courageous enough to initiate wholesome conversation with her will sweep her away. After she spots you, you can follow up with a “I appreciate the spot, can I take you to dinner sometime to thank you?” Bada-bing Bada-boom!

Loud Concerts
You don’t have to be Mr Smooth to have a nice conversation with a girl at a loud concert where everybody needs to shout.
Bro. Works every time.

Grocery Store
“Oh my goodness. You eat bananas? Me too! What’s your name and your phone number?”

Retirement Home
They love talking. They can’t escape either. You’ll meet someone here for sure.

Pizza Delivery
Just make sure you request that a girl delivers it. You already know a few things about her when she arrives at your door.
“So, how is work going for you?”
“So I see you have your drivers license…”
Also, the next time your buddy makes a braggart comment such as, “my girlfriend brings food over for me all the time.” You can reply, “mine too and she always brings it over within thirty minutes of me telling her to do so or else…”

Single Cruises
If you can’t meet or talk to a girl on a single cruise you might as well jump overboard.


Heck it worked for him it can work for you. You’re better than Ben. And yes I realize that is not a picture of a laundromat.

Anywhere in Arizona
For some reason, the girls in Arizona are beautiful. Go out there and meet a girl. Not like those earthy girls you will find in Seattle or Portland…

Previous Comment Apology. Kind of.
Just kidding about the previous Seattle/Portland comment because a  lot of my friends from there are probably angry with me right now. Because I’m right.

Coed sports team
You can show how athletic, strong, smooth and graceful you are in the heat of competition. Girls like that. There is no greater aphrodisiac than dominating her at her favorite sport to show her men are better at sports no matter what they think.

hahaha good ol’ WNBA

Just sit right down next to her and be like “oh thanks for saving my seat for me.” And if she’s still confused, just introduce yourself and be like “oh you looked like my friend, but she’s leaving but at least we have each other!” Then at some point during the movie, you can try to inter-digitize with her hand… preferably a loud or scary part of the movie.

Public Transportation
You know the approximate location of where she lives and where she works. Nice. That’s called researching. The next step is offering her a ride because you own a car. And when she asks why you ride public transportation when you have a car just compliment on how beautiful she looks that day.

You know that from takeoff to landing, she has to talk to you. Because if she doesn’t then it will make her feel awkward and she doesn’t want to feel awkward. She wants to talk to you.

Acting Class
“Hey, let’s pretend that you’re giving me your real phone number…”
“Alright, let’s pretend that I think you’re really pretty and want to take you to dinner some time”
“Hey let’s pretend that you’re my girlfriend”
“Okay cut. So what time should I pick you up?”

Home Depot
For some reason, really beautiful women work at Home Depot. Trust me. I know. I go there all the time.

As you can see, I’ve got this under control.

Thank you all for your concern but I’ll handle the meeting of women from here on out.



Written by jonewantsm3

May 18, 2013 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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