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Workout Challenge

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At the beginning of this year, I felt compelled to do a workout challenge.

I usually don’t care for this but I had around 4-5 friends around the new year tell me that they were going to do a new workout/resolution. They were going to use supplements. They were going to work out almost everyday. And they all wanted my advice on how to achieve their physical goals.


My advice:

1. Don’t use supplements.
2. Eat right.
3. Change your workout and implement some HIIT

None of them liked hearing that. Why? Because supplements are a way to get results easier and quicker. Because they wanted to have soda or a few drinks during the week and eat In-N-Out every once in a while. Because they didn’t know any new workouts and did not want to do HIIT because HIIT workouts suck.

(Note to the hater comments about supplements that I will be receiving:
I don’t disagree with the use of supplements. I just personally did not see the need to use them myself. Ever. Supplements can be used for recovery or rehab efficiently and safely if that is what you want to do.)

I also told my friends that it would only take 6 weeks to get your body into really great shape. None of them believed me. So I pulled out my 6 week workout from high school and college (moderately tweaked) and told them that I was going to do it and show them that it just takes hard work and eating right to achieve whatever they wanted to achieve in terms of physical goals they may have for themselves.


March 3, 2013

Weight: 165LB
Strength Training: 1-2 hours/week
Cardio Training: 0 hours/week
Workout Routine: Light DBs to maintain soft and beautiful love handles
Farmer Tan: Pathetic. Barely noticeable.

I created a workout spreadsheet and stuck to it very strictly.

Now here’s the thing.

I stopped the challenge at 4 weeks. Why? Because I felt I have proved my point to my friends at just four weeks… and I have strong urges to eat In-N-Out again.

Some things I ate:
– Chicken
– Spinach
– Hard boiled eggs
– Chocolate Milk
– Avocados
– Nuts & Granola
– Whole wheat everything (pasta/breads)
– Lots of fruits and vegetables

Some things I did:
– Heavy squats
– Heavy power cleans
– Box jumps
– Full field sprints
– Dead lifts
– Hang cleans
– Lots of abs
– More sprinting

Here are the results:

April 1, 2013

Weight: 165LB
Strength Training: 2-3 hours/week
HIIT Training: 2 hours/week
Workout Routine: I won’t give specifics but it sucked in a good way
Farmer Tan: Amazing! Eye catching!

I spent about an average of one more hour a week lifting which is not a lot of extra time at the gym and did sprints at a local high school for one hour during the week and one hour on Saturday morning. While I did not gain or lose any weight, my body was able to push more weight.

I used to rep 185LB on bench 10x. Now I can rep 215LB about 10x.
I used to rep 215LB on squat 10x. Now I can rep 265LB about 10x.
I used to throw up after sprinting but now I can sprint without messing up a high school field.
I used to destroy my shins on the box jump quick reps but now I can do pretty much nonstop on the 40″ platform

I cut the challenge short at 4 weeks for two reasons.

1. Because I feel the results I got were good enough to prove my point. If you are looking to get into shape, you really only need just the right workout and the right diet. If you have more time than I do, you will probably get better results at the end of your workout period. In college, I had so much free time that I could do strength training for 5-6 hours a week and HIIT about 3-4 hours a week. Needless to say, I was a physical specimen back then…*cough

2. I saw better results in my workout of 1 month than some of my friends had in 4 months.

I’ll be more than happy to answer questions if you had any but in the meantime…

Workout Challenge complete! (as I am currently eating a bag of potato chips. mmmmm)


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April 15, 2013 at 1:00 am

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