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Scott & Heather McGhee

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The wedding took place in Valley Center. If you don’t know where that is, head north from San Diego towards hick towns, then after you feel like you can go no further, turn east and drive until you cannot handle it anymore. That is where Valley Center is.

Everybody dressed up nicely for this afternoon wedding at a barn/winery/middle-of-nowhere venue.

At one point in the wedding, the person performing the ceremony said, “Scott and Heather, turn to everybody and say hi”

Scott: “hi guys”

The ceremony was well done. And by well done, I mean like how you cook a steak…very long and hot. Everybody was sweating and shifting around in the sun which is probably why everybody cheered so loud when they finally kissed and we could get up from our seats.

I also snuck a few shots while the official photographers were setting everybody up for pictures.

I tried moving a little further to the side so Scott wouldn’t be distracted. Did not work.

Did not work for Heather either.

Her sisters B and J are my top clients in the exclusively small and elite modeling agency that I run. If you ever want to book one of them for an appearance, please give me a call at 999-Nevermind.

Socal weddings = taco stand. I started crying with happiness until the Delta Bravo next to me dropped the spoon into the green salsa and got spiciness all over my tie.

My brand new polished dancing dress shoes were ruined by the dirt.

Sometimes the middle of nowhere is beautiful

After dinner, the DJ put some good tunes on and while I hesitated at first, we all ended up dancing for quite some time further ruining my nice shoes. But it was a lot of fun spending time with them and our other friends to celebrate this special day.

Can you tell why I love this picture so much?

Heather and Scott. Exit.

Written by jonewantsm3

April 8, 2013 at 1:00 am

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