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Rancho Bernardo Inn Rehearsal Dinner

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A couple of weeks ago, my friends asked me to help take pictures of their rehearsal dinner.

As a friend I said, “okay sure.”

The dinner was located at the Rancho Bernardo Inn and I was able to get some test shots of my brand new 85MM/1.4 before their wedding the next day.

I’ve never really been asked to take pictures at an event so I was a bit nervous. I usually prefer taking pictures of scenery and nature instead of people because… well… people can be ugly at times and nature is always beautiful.

But anyway, the only reason I agreed was because both of my friends getting married were beautiful people. So ugliness was not a factor.

Here are some pictures of the night:

At one point Mrs. McGhee pointed to the corner of the field and said, “Johnny look! There’s a bunny! Can you please take a picture of it!? It’s so cute!”

“Sure thing”

Scott’s parents

“Oh hey, let’s get married!”

Heather’s uncle speaking. “So then I threw eleven year old Heather into the pool while she was still wearing her Sunday best, then I pile drived the other sister, and elbow locked the last one…

Heather’s dad speaking. “No sex. Only kissing.

The best picture I took all night

After dinner, we went to lounge around the hotel. The friends I hung out with were mostly from Minnesota and they kept updating me on UCLA’s humiliating loss to Minnesota throughout the night. What good friends.

The Minnesota crew.

I got sleepy around 10:30PM and decided to head out. Needed to get some good rest for a morning of surfing before the wedding. I felt pretty comfortable with the new 85MM lens and couldn’t wait to try it out for the wedding.


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April 3, 2013 at 1:00 am

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