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Big Bear Snowboarding

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I went up to Big Bear this past weekend and did some snowboarding with a group of friends.

But before heading up, I obviously had to get a surf session in.

Hot day + consistent chest high sets + small crowd + beach guy with perfect pushup form = win

The drive up was beautiful

We rented a cabin for the weekend and had a great time doing all of the usual Big Bear stuff…hot tub, rental movie, snowboarding, poker, and lots of refreshments.

Yay for rental cabins

Here are some of my white friends wondering why I suck at setting up the camera timer

I fell down often, but the views were amazing!

We began snowboarding at around 10AM on Saturday and I really sucked.

I also lost a glove on the very first ski lift ride up. What a kook.

I haven’t been snowboarding in ten years and this was only my third time ever going. Right at the start, everybody took off and I had to learn the hard way which was trial and error which meant pain and frustration. About halfway down the first run, I had a major wipeout and as I laid there on my stomach I heard someone say, “oh shooooot!” and wiped out right next to me. Apparently, I caused a seven year old boy to eat it really bad next to me too.

Me: Oh man, I’m so sorry. You okay?
Kid: Yes.
Me: Okay cool.
Kid: Hey
Me: What
Kid: First time?
Me: Yea hahaha can you tell?
Kid: Yea. Want some tips?
Me: Sure!
Kid: Okay. Are you goofy or regular?
Me: Regular
Kid: Okay. Always keep your left foot in front of you at all times.
Me: Okay.
Kid: And if you feel like you’re falling. Don’t. Because if you think you’re going to fall, you will fall.
Me: Okay.
Kid: That’s it.
Me: Sweet. That was really easy.
Kid: No problem.

Then I stood up and snowboarded the rest of the way down and only fell once! HAHAHA! This kid was a genius!

On my second run onward, I was able to somewhat keep up with my professional snowboarding and skiing friends. Otherwise I probably would have given up or sat in the snow and cried. I also realized that if nobody was around me, I would never fall down and the second people started passing me, I would fall almost instantly. I guess the thought of getting in someone’s way always made me nervous and caused me to make a mistake. So after the second run, we started going down the intermediate slopes which were steeper but easier for me because there were less people.

After a few runs, we grabbed lunch at the top of the mountain.

The views from the restaurant were siiiiick

I had a sandwich which cost me $23094234. It was aight.

After lunch, I made a vow to start doing tricks like boxes, rails and jumps. I realized that I only learned how to snowboard two hours ago but I only do this every so often so I figured to make the best of it.

Our post-lunch conquest

Let’s do it.

Here are some videos of us wiping out:

Here’s HJ on the skis:


Here’s WS with the wipeout of the day:


Here’s my jump of the day:

Look at the air that I got!!!!!!

Just kidding that wasn’t me.

This is me:

Yea. Obviously this guy does not know how to snowboard.

I was able to get a few jumps in though:

Best 1 foot jump of the day. Damn straight.

After snowboarding, we went to get some authentic Chinese take out from a white run/mexican cooked restaurant. The food smelled like a bag of fart, but it was delicious.

I think the Chinese food caused us to do things that were beyond explanation.

Our mascot, Sex Wolf, somehow got into the refrigerator

I think he was after the baby spinach.

Overall, the trip was a great success. I got to see an old friend who moved away for work and had a great time with a good group of funny, energetic people.

Until the next adventure, Cheers!


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March 5, 2013 at 1:00 am

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