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Willett Hot Springs

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A couple of weekends ago, I decided to get away from it all and spend time alone to enjoy God’s beautiful creation with my monkey doggy dog. The original plan was to hike into the Sespe from Ojai and spend two nights there. But I ended up only spending one night because everybody else in the world thought that was a good idea too.

Nonetheless, it was good times.

We woke up early on Saturday morning and started driving from San Diego at 6AM.

The trail from Ojai begins at Piedra Blanca which is easily found. The trail in is pretty easy, just not a lot of shade during the day. It was ten miles in to Willett Hot Springs.


I expected it to be greener…

There are tons of nice swimming holes

The further in you go, the more beautiful it becomes

We finally arrived at the campsite…

Morgan and I made the ten mile trek in about three hours. The cold Sespe River felt so good on the feet and I found out that the mosquitos in the area really like Asian food (my body).

I realized that more and more people kept coming in as the day went on…and I also realized that all of a sudden I did not like the area anymore. Way too many people put a damper on enjoying nature and reading a book by myself. I decided to go to the hot springs while it was still early and nobody was up there yet.

Well, after a little bit all these dudes showed up…

Willet Hot Springs sausage fest. I left not so long after this picture was taken.

Although super crowded, this place is still beautiful.

I cooked a king of a feast that night. Two large bowls of vegetable soup. Spinach and feta sausages. Peppered zucchini. Toasted garlic bread.

I also realized that there were many groups of girls… in twos. And four pairs of them may or may not have stopped by my tent and asked for directions or help finding a spot or just wanted to chat or share some wine or invited me to the hot springs with them or invite me to move my tent and share their camping spot. What the heck!? How come this type of stuff does not happen to me back home but in the wilderness, women all of a sudden become so generously conversational towards me…Or maybe I need to go back next weekend…Anyway.

The morning view from my tent

I woke up and packed and enjoyed some spiced chai before hiking out.

Getting away from people as fast as we can

Our return trip was about 3 hours 30 mins. I’m guessing it was because we were slightly tired from the 10 miles the day before. I wasn’t complaining though, we passed pretty much everybody on the trail back…probably because my mind was set on getting some In-N-Out.

The drive back was somewhat stressful. LA traffic. Oh joy.

I do not miss this!

A tired dog is a happy dog…and the traditional post-trip In-N-Out

We got back early but I was happy. 20 miles in 24 hours is not bad considering I had about 45LBS on my back expecting to spend a day taking pictures, reading and enjoying nature. Instead, I came home early and watched a movie with Morgan.

Morgan sleeps with her ears in alert mode

While I will never be going back to Willett Hot Springs, it definitely is a great destination for those getting into backpacking. The trail is easy to follow but still challenging at times. The river is nearby so you never have to worry about dehydrating unless you’re hiking this in the hot season which I wouldn’t recommend.

At least I was able to see why people love making this a weekend trip.

Until the next adventure, Cheers!


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February 28, 2013 at 1:00 am

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