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Coastal Redwoods Part II

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The last morning was cold cold cold.

Again, the guys did not get out of their cuddle tent until I started the fire…but looking back, I’d probably do the same if I slept in the tent. Once the fire got started, DJ sliced up the remaining potatoes and tried to make potato chips.

They were horrible.

Wilderness chips. Don’t do it.

After breakfast we hiked the coastal area where we camped. There was a lot of beautiful spots and we spent the better part of the morning just walking around and taking it all in before the long drive back.

Another perfect surf spot. This shoulder high break was consistent all weekend…

DJ in trouble

After our little stroll, we drove back down to San Francisco. It was a fun drive. We stopped at In-N-Out, listened to the 49ers beat the Falcons on the radio, and drove past awesome street exits.

This place is so legit

JW took off after we got back to DJ’s place and I spent the next day hanging out with DJ. It was nice to have a day off relaxing before getting back to the real world of sleeping and blogging at work.

DJ has an amazing view of the city from his backyard

Blue Bottle Coffee aka Hipster Coffee Co

I like patterns. Especially stripes.

We had lunch at The Codmother‘s near Fisherman’s Wharf. The owner there was a British lady so I struck up a conversation with her about my time in the UK and brown sauce (aka HP sauce)…and she loved me. In fact, she hooked me and DJ up with another entire piece of fried cod and then gave us a side of her special sauce that she doesn’t give regular customers. If only she was younger, hotter, richer and less British I would have asked for her number…sigh

Being Martin Luther King Day, we checked out the memorial which was really nice and I showed DJ how to take long exposure shots to make moving water look awesome to the max.

I really enjoyed reading the quotes at the MLK memorial.

“I believe that the day will come when all God’s children from bass black to treble white will be significant on the constitution’s keyboard.” – MLK

At night, we met up with DJ’s girl SL and she took us to San Tung for some delicious chicken wings. Although we were still stuffed from Codmother’s second helping of love, it was so delicious that we ate most of it. Try their green beans too!

San Fran has so many beautiful views

I really love San Francisco as a city and interest spot but I definitely cannot see myself living there. There’s also too many people wearing Giants crap, 49ers crap, and Golden State crap that it was sickening. But it was awesome to finally be able to fly up to SFO and see the redwood trees with JW and DJ.

Until the next adventure, cheers!

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February 1, 2013 at 1:00 am

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