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Coastal Redwoods Part I

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I recently took a trip to the upper coastal regions of California to explore some redwood trees. California just had a recent cold spell and I was expecting that people were smart enough to not go camping in the extremely cold and damp coastal redwood area and I was right. 

Day Uno

The first day was uneventful. I flew into SFO at 7:30AM and we grabbed breakfast before the long drive up the coast. It was a really beautiful drive up and the trees got taller and taller the further north we traveled. By the way, the Avenue of the Giants is a really disappointing drive so just skip it.

Super foggy all over.

When we arrived at the campsite and started setting up, I heard DJ ask JW, “Um…where is the cooler?” But Instead of concerning myself with the fact that we didn’t have any plates, utensils and half of our food, I immediately asked, “…okay but we at least have the beer right?”

I maybe still have a thing or two to learn about priorities.

Here is our setup:

I did hammock camping for the first time and enjoyed it.

Interior view of my setup

Once we were all settled and had the fire going, we cooked some korean bbq (thanks Trader Joe’s) and passed out right away. The temperature was 18 degrees at night and super damp but I was able to stay warm and it was so comfortable in the hammock that I fell asleep immediately every night. As DJ told me later on, “you said goodnight, walked to your hammock, and then we heard snoring thirty seconds later.” That’s what I call a good setup!

Day Dos

I woke up nice and early at 6:30AM, which believe it or not, is sleeping in for me. The other two guys I was camping with conveniently did not leave the tent in the morning until I got the breakfast fire started.

We hit up three places on the second day:

Tall Trees Grove… named appropriately

In order to access Tall Trees Grove, you need to go to the Visitor Center/Ranger Station to get the padlock code for the dirt access road.

Very old tree that was about 6 feet diameter

The second tallest tree in the national park (and world) is located in Tall Trees Grove. A few years ago some scientists found one that was taller by a few feet but I don’t think the public is allowed to visit it.

We went to see Fern Canyon next.

This was JW about 70% of the time

During the drive, we were blown away by some of the views so we stopped and took some pictures.

Some people hike better like this I guess

Fern Canyon

I found some epic surf spots for the future…

We went to Cathedral Trees last which was my favorite spot.

Some cool guys

After Cathedral Trees, we hurried back because we were starving. We saw an amazing sunset on the way back to the site.

I found the worlds most perfect DTR bench


We ate like kings that night. And by kings I mean Asian kings. And by Asian kings I mean Ramen.

After dinner, I went to take a shot over the beach. The fog was gone tonight and the temperature was mid-twenties but the view was breathtaking.


Written by jonewantsm3

January 31, 2013 at 1:00 am

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  1. Great pictures! I feel like California is always so beautiful, no matter the season. And regardless of the weather it seems like you had a great time.


    January 31, 2013 at 1:21 am

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