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Happy New Year!…

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I know I’m super late but that’s because I’ve been neglecting this blog… not really at first but then I realized that I was intentionally avoiding any posts.


I have no idea. Maybe I’m just not as motivated as before to write things. Maybe I’m getting too busy. Or worse, maybe I’m not funny anymore. Or was I even funny to begin with?

I’m going to regurgitate a lot of information and updates in this post to catch you up on the life happenings of Johnny Sideburns since the previous adventure. Hang on, here we go!

Mid-December I went down to Tijuana to help build some houses for some families who needed a house. While we did not completely finish it, we did build all of the frames for the room and plan on coming back to finish the work!

I also went to a Christmas concert featuring Future of Forestry. I finally was able to see them live and it was a good show and I loved it and just realized that I sound like a 16 year old groupie girl…

I had Christmas Dinner with friends at Fill-A-Belly. The entire place was so well decorated and everybody was in good spirits and it will definitely be a night that I remember for a while.

Serving our Carlsbad guests

So rad to see little helpers!

Cheers! Everybody was happy.

I hosted a Post-Christmas dinner this year at my place. I invited friends who were not able to go home and see their families on the holidays and wanted them to just come over and eat a good meal…Turducken!

We also had some of this

And this

And this

We had a White Elephant Bad Gift exchange…where we exchanged junk

The scariest gift of the night! We named him Fishducken.

I took my dad to his first American football game when then UCLA Bruins played the Baylor Bears at the Holiday Bowl. Yea, let’s not talk about the end result but I had a great time with my dad. Especially when he was cheering at every tackle like it was the game winning play!

I went down to TJ again last weekend but to an orphanage to play with kids all day. They were a bunch of fun.

They were obsessed with jump roping because they all got jump ropes for Christmas

Playing Monopoly, the worst game on planet earth. I think the little girl agrees

This was one of the ways Joanna said “I love you”

I learned two spanish words that day. “Capuche” means to let them ride on your shoulders. “Caballito” means slave carrier.

This was the second way she told me she loved me…

This is yo tocando la guitara para los ninos

Life has been good as you can see.

2013 is off to a great start. There are already a bunch of adventures that await us!

Until next time. Cheers!


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January 16, 2013 at 7:00 pm

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