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Music Box: Kishi Bashi

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It’s that time of year to relax and enjoy music vibes that are more traditional, more festive and soothing.

Like a zen master

Kishi Bashi is a one man, multi-instrumental singer songwriter made of the band members Kaoru Ishibashi and invisible ninjas. Invisible ninjas are the only logical explanation for his ability to produce such full sounding music while being the only one on stage (or maybe loop pedals). He’s the former singer/founding member of Jupiter One (anybody remember them from years ago?) and has strong ties to awesome musicians such as Regina Spektor and Of Montreal.

I do admit that at times I’m not the biggest fan of his choice of lyrics but Kishi Bashi is a violin master who is able to engage most audiences instrumentally.

Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites

And you can’t really appreciate how good he is until you see him live. Here is Kishi Bashi playing Manchester.

Uh. Maze. Ing. Get. On. It.

Artist: Kishi Bashi
Album: 151a

Suggested Music:

Remember Contrakids? Of course you do oh faithful follower of my Music Box…well they finally put their insanely good single, Cry, on youtube.

Listen and weep. Get it? Because… the song is called Cry…

And for further audio enjoyment, here are some oldies from my more spunky, poppy, energetic youth:

Here’s Jupiter One – Platform Moon:

And Jupiter One – Countdown:

Youthful memories of skipping along flower fields while twirling ribbons… good ol’ days.


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December 10, 2012 at 1:00 am

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