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Daniel & Angela Chung

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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go one of the funnest weddings that I’ve been to. Ever. And I go to quite a lot of them.

I met Angela ten years ago while traveling in Taiwan on a cultural learning tour sponsored by the Taiwanese government to help ABCs (American Born Chinese) gain a deeper appreciation for their Taiwanese cultural roots. The other popular term used to describe this tour is the Love Boat because well… ya know what happens when a bunch of young people get together all summer. Hormones explode and the boat becomes very loving. (What the heck did I just type and what does that even mean?)

Read this for more information. (Actually pretty interesting…maybe)

Anyway, back to the story…

Angela and I were able to keep in touch along with a few other people. Her brothers lived out in San Diego and her parents moved out to San Diego later on which was really great because that paved the wave for her to eventually come out as well…which led to her meeting Daniel and falling in love and all that good stuff.

That is one good looking couple.

Daniel is mesmerized by the bubbles.

Another story about Angela.

One day we were eating dinner together and she started asking me questions about girls I was interested in. I told her the normal requirements of hotness, monetary richness and submissiveness. Pretty much the ideal woman if you ask me. But then she asked if I would ever date an older chick. Why not? Then she asked if I thought it was weird. Not really. Then she said that it wasn’t normal or typical for the girl to be older. Okay. Then she asked how many years older would I date. Hold on.

Then I asked her who the guy was and she revealed all her secrets.

Damn I’m good.

That was the same night I found out about Daniel. So actually I lied, that was a story about Angela and Daniel.

Reception was at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse on Harbor Island

Now here is a side story about my evening.

I was enjoying this beautiful view, munching on awesome hors d’oeuvres, taking some pictures…

When all of a sudden, an older couple moved up next to me and the mother and I started up a conversation. They turned out to be really good friends with Daniel’s parents from the Bay Area. I talked to the mom mostly and she was really giddy at times. Interesting.

I talked to her for about ten minutes and then all of a sudden she was like, “this is my daughter, talk to her.”

Oh snap. You old Asian trickster! I completely fell for the bait and switch. I couldn’t believe it. Never ever mess with Asian mothers. They know exactly what the heck they are doing…everything they do is very purposeful.

So after the mom walked away, I started talking to this chick for a long time. Actually, she talked a long time. About very non-exciting things at times. Actually, most of the time. But I think she started developing a fondness towards me and my kindness of listening to her.

I’m going to stop telling the story here.

All I am going to say is, later on that evening I somehow got a group picture with her and as she stood next to me for the shot, her arm may or may not have come around my waist. And there may or may not have been a slight lower back rub from a tiny Asian female sized hand. And throughout the night, my love boat tour friends were giving me a completely hard time and telling me things like, “your girlfriend keeps looking over here man. Either go talk to her or tell her to stop looking over here because it’s creeping us out.”

I mean she wasn’t ugly. But yeah. No more of this stalker story.

Daniel seems to be very hungry

Brenda, another love boat friend, talking about baseball…oh, and giving her speech/toast

Then we got down like Chinatown:

The night was amazing. Old friends. Great venue. Lots of dancing. My efforts to stay away from a certain little Asian chick was successful too.

You rarely see two people very perfect for each other…and when I see them together, I see exactly that. Angela is one of the kindest, most thoughtful and giving people I have ever met. When she first talked about Daniel and the qualities that he had and what he was like, I could tell he was a really special guy and a great match for her. The amount of people they have touched with their genuine friendship is incredible, they have always put the interest of other people first before themselves.

The crazy and exciting thing is that I really think they are going to be able to bless and help a lot more people now that they’ve combined powers and created Team Dangela.

Oh yeah, and the after party was decent too…

Until I meet the next wedding stalker, cheers!


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December 4, 2012 at 1:00 am

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