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Tie Your Shoes

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This is a short story of a man
Who needed some cash from the bank
He was completely embarrassed last Friday night
And he had his laziness to thank

He needed to walk three blocks away
But he did not lace up his feet
Arriving at a massive pedestrian walkway
He needed to cross the street

He looked left and he looked right
And his smile turned into a frown
The crosswalk was very wide
And the cars were not slowing down

One car finally stopped
Then two, then three, four and five
He raised his hands to thank the drivers
Then started towards the other side

This was the part of the very long journey
Where the drivers all stared at his face
He did not appreciate all of the attention
So he decided to pick up his pace

The man began to jog across
And raised his hands to thank the drivers once more
At this moment his feet rebelled against him
And he realized he was about to be floored

The laces on his boots got tangled
In the boot hooks on the other shoe
His feet were now restricted and stuck together
What on earth should he do?

To prevent himself from falling down
He had to quickly decide
To bunny hop with his feet together
To reach the other side

One hop, two hop, three hop
He managed about ten more feet
But he hit the curb and fell flat on his face
In the middle of the busy street

He needed to protect his pride and reputation
As the world had just witnessed his fall
So he rolled himself to the edge of the sidewalk
And behind a trashcan he crawled

Out of sight and embarrassed for life
He sat there laughing on the ground
With bloody elbows and bloody knees
He started making crying sounds

Just kidding! He would never cry
Especially with cars and people so near
But he did entertain the idea of climbing
Into the trashcan to disappear

He gathered himself and gained some courage
He began to tie his shoes
Up he jumped and down the sidewalk
And towards the bank he flew

He entered the bank with blood and scrapes
But smiled because the situation was funny
But alas! He was finally at the bank
To withdraw some much needed money

So this is the end of this short story poem
Of a man who suffered great shame
And who was the man who had this great fall?
Well…Johnny Sideburns is his name


Written by jonewantsm3

October 23, 2012 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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