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Music Box: White Arrows

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White Arrows is this month’s feature for Music Box. They’re straight out the Los Angeles-ness and as you can tell from their picture, they just don’t give a crap. Electronic? Sure. Pop style? Why not. Rocking guitar riffs? Sounds good. Psycho-dazzle-snazzles? Go for it. Watermelon shirt on the right? Tasty.

This band assembles an interesting collection of sounds to produce songs that you for sure won’t get tired of hearing.

Here’s one:

Sounds great huh.

So good that drugs are not required to enjoy the visual stimuli going on in this video…

Still not giving a crap

Get their album, it’s mostly good.

Artist: White Arrows
Album: Dry Land Is Not A Myth

Suggested Music:

Sit back and enjoy the end of summer with a classic summer hit (according to me):

Zoidberg boy scored himself a pretty one

And the band Chairlift is one you should know if you haven’t heard them yet!

So good!

Japanese version with armpit hair!

I belong in your armpits…

Not only can Caroline Polachek sing… she has great dance moves too:

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September 10, 2012 at 1:00 am

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