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My Work Car Wants To Kill Me

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Remember a couple months back when the wheel of my work truck decided to disconnect on the freeway while driving in to work?

And remember the post a couple years ago about the worst day of my life?

Well, this post kind of ties them both together somehow. Earlier this week, I had the longest day of my life.

September 5: The Longest Day of My Life

Wake up. Brush Teeth. Put clothes on. Drink milk straight from carton because I am undisciplined and single.

Leave for work. Work is a 90 mile drive one way.

Arrive at work.

Meeting with Subcontractor 1 about why he’s all screwed up.

Meeting with Subcontractor 2 about why he’s all screwed up.

Conference call to Subcontractor 1 about why he’s all screwed up.

Follow up email to Subcontractor 1 about what he’s going to do to fix his screw up.

Meeting with project team to discuss goals and upcoming construction schedule.

Meet with Subcontractor 3 about why he’s all screwed up.

Run around job site to lay out the work for the laborers. Walk over a mile in the 105F heat. Yay!

Make a sandwich

Write letters, emails, RFIs, send submittals.

Walk the job again to see what we did today so I can track the progress of the project.

Leave work.

Ahh yes. And this is where the fun begins.

Halfway between work and my house, I am cruising along the freeway when all of a sudden I start hearing a rattling sound or loud vibration every time I step on the accelerator. I thought to myself that it obviously wasn’t normal and that I would just take it into the shop tomorrow morning.

While merging onto another freeway, there’s a loud pop sound from the engine, the hood jumps a little bit, a ton of black smoke erupts from my hood, and my engine shuts off completely. Goodbye power steering. Oh Crap. I put the car into neutral and start cruising over to the shoulder…except there isn’t a shoulder for another 1.5 miles because it’s blocked off by k-rail. I barely make it to the off ramp as my car comes to a stop and I pull over to the shoulder.

I turn off the engine and get out. I open the hood and smoke escapes. This is great. It smells great too…kind of a blend of burnt hair and Big Foot’s body part. I immediately call our company lease program for a tow truck service. They dispatch a tow truck and tell me to wait 15 minutes for them to contact me.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t normal.

I call the head of the equipment department and they say to get towed to the Ford dealership at the next exit and to get a rental car from them. I thank him and call the dealership. Their rental office just closed ten minutes ago. Great. Now I have to get towed back to the main office which is one hour back the way I came from…the opposite direction of my house.

I get back in the car and close the door…except the door doesn’t close because something got in the way. I reached down and… oh sweet it was my phone. Now the screen to my personal phone is broken.

At least the broken screen was colorful

Well, I guess I’ll just sit and listen to the Giants and Cowboys play each other on the radio…except that when I tried I got nothing but static because the place I stopped had bad radio interference.

I could just sit in silence. They said they were going to be here in about 15 minutes anyway…

Um…two hours later…

The tow truck shows up. I was going to mention something about his tardiness but he looked like a serial killer so I kept my mouth shut.

I listened to the tow truck driver complain about his life and his job and his ex-wife and his dad and his missed business opportunities and his house. I sat there wondering if all of this was real or not…and I also agreed with everything he said.

I arrived to our main office. At least my replacement car was waiting for me with the keys inside. This nice car belonged to an executive that they let go the day before.

Start the long drive home

Stop at In-N-Out for healthy dinner. I got a double double animal style, fries well done and a neo shake. The lady said, “okay, let me go grab it I’ll be right back.” Hmm, I’m confused…

She returned with an In-N-Out shirt. I told her, “oh I’m sorry, I wanted a Neapolitan shake, not a shirt.” She replies, “oh, I thought you said you wanted a Neo Shirt.”

What on earth is a Neo Shirt? Because maybe I did want that…

Arrive home. I spent the next half hour taking a shower and looking for a replacement phone with no luck. What an amazingly long day.


The Next Day
And adding to the enjoyment of work, the day after was more eventfully fun too. I woke up at 4:30AM for work and worked until 10:30PM and got home at midnight.

I am currently running on zombie mode and would not mind eating a human being to stay awake this lovely Friday morning.

Until next time…cheers!


Written by jonewantsm3

September 7, 2012 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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