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Pawesome Labor Day Weekend

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Pawesome as in P-Awesome and pronounced similar to “Possum”

Labor Day weekend… I surfed Friday after work, Saturday, Sunday and Monday…which makes me a happy person. The swell was not as great as it was supposed to be and it was completely overcrowded but sitting on my surfboard beats sitting on my chair at work any day.

I was totally stoked to wake up at 6:30AM for my 7AM fantasy football draft after sleeping at 2AM the night before… I will have a post on this later on.

We took a fire pit to the beach and had a bonfire on Saturday and Sunday night which is always super rad.

I also had Morgan over for the weekend which was a special treat. Because of my long working hours, she stays at my parents house during the week and I pick her up on the weekends for her visitations.

One of the nights, Morgan made a possum discovery in the backyard. It was around midnight and I was letting her out to do her business before bedtime when she walked over to the fence and sat down. At first I was confused but then I saw what she was after:

Meet our p-awesome guest…see what I did there?

The guy was pretty cute and stood on the fence for a really long time. I guess he was trying to play dead or something but we stood around laughing at him for a while.

I was surprised that Morgan didn’t bark at it or try to jump up and bite it. And we kept standing there trying to figure out what to do with it.

Morgan saying hi

The possum never moved so we decided to get a broom to encourage it to leave our yard. He started moving as soon as we introduced the broom.

We nudged him off the wall but possums are great gymnasts. Here is a picture of him clinging on to dear life.

He looked so human at times…

The possum finally gave up and fell onto the ground on the other side. He hobbled away quickly and disappeared into the dark.

The last thing I did during Labor Day weekend was grill up some meat with mashed potatoes and veggies. As I dropped Morgan off at my parents house, I decided to borrow a thirteen year old Wine of the Month Club selection from my dad’s wine rack.

It was oh so delicious

Whether or not I get in a lot of trouble for tasting this bottle is another story, but in the meantime I can live with the decision I made.


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September 6, 2012 at 1:00 am

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