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Sonoma Valley

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I went up to Sonoma Valley for a little camping adventure last weekend.

This car camping trip was greatly needed as I have been getting bombarded at work with a lot of responsibilities that have been keeping me subdued far too long.

The first part of the trip we stopped by Point Reyes for some good views.

Point Reyes is hella pretty yo.

The rest of the time we camped at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park which is just outside the heart of Sonoma. I met a lot of new friends and had a great time hiking, sitting around the camp fire and doing some wine tasting.

On our hike up Bald Mountain, an old lady asked if I was a cyclist. Apparently I had “the most gorgeous calves” she’s ever seen and she was asking because if I was a cyclist, then she was going to start riding a bike every day. It was probably not a coincidence that I wore shorts the rest of the trip…

During our wine tasting (my first time), I realized that my group consisted of everybody else being a wine enthusiast. The only thing I knew about wine was whether or not I liked drinking it or not. The only reason I participated is because if you have a Visa Signature card, then most of the places will let you sample for free. This bodes extremely well with my cheap-ass-ness.

This stuff was so good I could drink it like water…

The last night there, I went to the back of the campsite where there was an open field and I took a few long exposure shots. The pictures really don’t do the any justice to how beautiful the place was at night.

A good trip and finally ate at Harris Ranch on the way back down to San Diego…it was delicious as expected.

Until the next adventure, Cheers!


Written by jonewantsm3

August 30, 2012 at 1:00 am

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