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Music Box: Contrakids

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Okay. I have been keeping a lot of secrets lately.

This month’s artist is one that I’ve been keeping close to my musical heart since February when I first heard them and pretty much have listened to them once a day, everyday…including today. Contrakids are a duo out of Sydney, OZ and have combined the soulful R&B with electronica induced musica which may at first push people away but has completely got me addicted.

In fact, I am the biggest advocate against any use of any auto-tuning in a song…but their method of application is probably the only 0.01% chance in the universe in which it does not overwhelm my instincts to smash something fragile.

These guys produce a sound that has got me so hooked, I may as well move to Australia and become one of their groupies roadies friends. They don’t look too happy in their pictures so I figured they may need some more friends. Or maybe that’s why there is so much emotion behind their songs.

Check out the first masterpiece:

What a tune.

If you think that song was good, wait until you hear their slower stuff because that is where they really shine. Their slower songs are on another level of amazing you’ll be blown away.

This music is way too sexy for my own good. I am suddenly shirtless.

And my favorite song by them and vote for song of the year:

They released an EP late last year called Into You but I still can’t find where to buy it. In the meantime, here’s their info to keep a track of them.

Spread the wealth.

Artist: Contrakids
Album: Into You EP

Suggested Music:

And now that you’re feeling sexy too, here are a couple dance-y songs.

Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know

Of course the robot had to be Japanese…

And another groover by Session Victim – Dark Sienna


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August 8, 2012 at 1:00 am

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