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Best Olympian Names

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I haven’t been watching the olympics as much this time around but I have noticed a few athletes that I will be rooting for:

1. Jack Bauer (New Zealand)

This is the longest race of his life…

You can’t root against him because he’s Jack Bauer. Obviously not as cool as the American Jack Bauer, but he still has the same name.

2. Kim Yoo-Suk (Korea)

He probably thinks his country doesn’t support him…”KIM YOO SUK! KIM YOO SUK!”

I, on the other hand, will gladly support this fellow Asian athlete and gladly chant his name. Anytime.

3. Hulk (Brazil)

It’s pretty obvious why I would cheer for the Hulk.

Because he’s shirtless.

4. Amina Bukhit (Sudan)

She’s the giant on the right.

Her name is pronounced “I’m In A Bucket” which is probably not how it’s really pronounced.

5. Yoshie Takeshita (Japan)
It is pretty obvious why I like her name.

It is also pretty obvious how immature I am.

Have a great Monday!


Written by jonewantsm3

August 6, 2012 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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