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I recently went to my college roommates wedding. It was a lot of fun to see a bunch of old friends and have a good time catching up. It was a short wedding but very enjoyable nonetheless.

I did not take a lot of pictures but I did get a few good ones.

This is my old roommate. His name is Johnny too. After coming home and seeing this picture, I can’t believe I slept in the same room as him. But it sure does explain all the nightmares I had while I was in college.

I left early because the wedding was in Newport Beach and it was on a Sunday. My first Sunday wedding ever and I could stay too long because of work. But while it was a shorter wedding for me, it was tons of fun. We talked about the good old college days and here’s a couple of good memories from our apartment:

1. We talked about horrible subletters that we found over the years. We’d find random people for the summer time when we were back home or traveling. And there were some pretty weird guys that we rented rooms to…but the weirdest one went to the one I had to room with one summer. This guy would get home after I fell asleep (or so he thought) on the weekends and bring his girlfriend over. And then they would begin to express their emotions in physical form right in the bed right next to mine. Fantastic. And the next morning, as I lay awake in bed, he got out of his bed fully butt naked to use the bathroom and then came back in.

The really interesting thing about this story is… I did not remember it. What I typed to you was what I told the other guys later that day and they all remembered it very well except for me. I think I blocked it out mentally to save myself from visualizing a naked ass and man parts in our sacred apartment.

2. We used to scare my roommate Johnny all the time. And I’m not talking about a normal scare, we’d freak him out so badly and it got really really intense. We would hide in the closet, hide in the bathroom, hide under his desk, hide behind the couch, hide in the cabinets, heck we even hid in his bed. Whatever it took the scare the living crap out of him, we did it just so we could scare the living crap out of him.

It got to the point where one day I was sitting in the room in the afternoon and the bedroom door slammed open. I was startled and looked at the door to see Johnny standing at the door peaking in and standing in a little “ready to fight” stance. He would say things like, “they’re hiding huh?” or “they’re going to jump out of the closet huh?” or “Is it safe to come in?” and when I told him it was okay, he’d reply, “I don’t believe you liar.”

It was also funny sometimes when we’d be in the living room or the other room, we’d hear from Johnny’s desk, “Hey! I can see you!” or “Ha! Got you! Come out!” or “I see you there in the dark!” And we’d all just look at each other and laugh. What a paranoid guy.

Anyway, it was a ton of fun reminiscing of good days. And I have a few weddings coming up in the near future so there should be some good stories as well.

Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday!


Written by jonewantsm3

July 30, 2012 at 1:00 am

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