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Craigslist Stories: Part 3

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Here’s the pre-story:

A couple of weeks ago, I went surfing with my friend. I usually store my key in a magnetic lock box tucked away under my car so I don’t have to worry about it out in the water.

When we finished surfing that day, we went back to the car and I reached for the magnetic lock box and…yup, it was gone. I looked under the car and then checked the other side and it wasn’t there. Crap. I looked inside my car to see if I could find anything that was stolen but it seemed like nothing was moved. They probably only got into my arm rest console and stole my wallet, phone and ipod touch. This sucks.

I was surprised that I did not get angry but rather felt frustrated and sorry. I felt sorry because my friend stayed with me the entire time until AAA showed up and then he took me to get a burrito. And I felt frustrated because I had a lot of numbers in my phone that was the only way to contact a few people, I had to call and cancel my credit cards as soon as I got home, and I had to go to the DMV…

…AND it was frustrating because okay, yes, the person broke into my car with my keys and then LOCKED the door again! C’mon man! At least leave the car unlocked so I can change into normal clothes while I wait for AAA.

So once AAA got into my car, I confirmed that they only took my wallet, phone and ipod touch. Oh well. It’s just stuff anyway.

Onto the story:

Well, it’s not really a story but I thought wouldn’t it be funny if I went on Craigslist and found the people trying to sell my crappy phone. And guess what… I found it!

Ha! Good luck getting $80 for that piece of crap phone…

It’s got the same exact scratches and it was posted the morning after I had it stolen. And no charger? C’mon…

I figured screw it and decided to not contact them. I showed my friends and they did call/text the person over the next few days.

Here’s one of my friends conclusions after texting back and forth a few times:

Friend: dude these people are guilty
Friend: i asked ‘i saw on your ad that you couldn’t find the charger, but i was wondering if you found it since posting’
Friend: and they responded ‘its mine if i found it i wouldn’t have the extra battery n holster’

My coworker also noticed that they posted a new ad every day with a new phone number…which made him come to the conclusion that these guys are guilty.

My other friend talked about setting up sting operation to “buy” the phone and when we meet up, he was going to jump the guy with ten other people. True courageous Asian style fairness…

But whatever, it was gone and I could care less.

And while I was dreading the DMV, it actually surprisingly took me 20-25 mins to go in, fill out my paperwork, take a picture and leave. And fifteen minutes of that was waiting for Grandpa DMV walk over to the photo machine and trying to figure out how to work it and then walking back and then walking back to it and then walking back from it.

Anyway, have a great Monday!

Written by jonewantsm3

June 25, 2012 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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  1. great post

    Leonard Marks

    July 15, 2012 at 4:40 pm

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