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Tenant Love: Part Dos

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Well the tenants finally moved out.

Since my last post, I’ve received a lot of questions regarding this particular post of my female tenant.

Was she hot?
Did you talk to her afterwards?
Are you going to talk to her more?

And the answer to all those questions is a big fat No  Yes. Well, and kind of a No.

Our final walk through was last week, and she showed up in a very nice sleek dress. When I saw greeted her, I immediately stuck my hand out for a handshake but she pushed it away and moved in for a hug!

The dress was a little distracting but I made it through the walk through okay.

Here, I even shamefully proudly took a stalker picture to appease my blog reading crowd:

Then this weekend, I got a call from her in the evening. She was inviting me to her new place for wine.

I guess we’re just going to see what happens. Or not. Or yes. But probably not.

And since I’m all moved in now, I had a brief chat with one of my old roommates.

Me: btw i’m all moved back into the condo
Me: we should have a party and destroy it
Roommate: hahah count me in
Roommate: ill bring the smirnoff ice hahah
Me: and the fly honeys
Roommate: yeah those
Roommate: im up to my neck in those
Me: please share
Roommate: no, it was a lie
Me: uuuuuuugh
Me: you’re lying to me now
Me: why dont you want to share
Roommate: cuz they cost a lot

If you are a friend in the San Diego area… get ready for some sick summer fiestas. And stay tuned for a lot of condo updates coming your way!

Until next time, Cheers!


Written by jonewantsm3

June 5, 2012 at 1:00 am

Posted in Rant

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