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Snow Day

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It recently was really cold and rained in San Diego…which put a damper in my weekend plans. So instead, I decided to head east and take Morgan to experience snow for the first time. I figured her half Siberian-Husky side would appreciate it.

Hmm…what’s this white stuff and why am I enjoying it so much?

She spent maybe one minute inspecting the snow and then she was gone like a fish in the open water.

She would run around full speed for about 5 minutes straight and then come back and nudge me. She obviously wanted me to run around with her but instead started playing fetch the snowball which was fun (for me) and confusing (for her). And then she’d run off for another 5 minutes…

Camera shy

Batman opted to stay warm and dry on the inside of my car windshield…

My favorite picture of the day…a father carrying his son back to the car

No trip up to the mountains is complete without stopping for some Julian apple pies. I bought an extra one for the guys at work and they demolished it in minutes. I had no idea that Morgan was going to enjoy the snow that much but I was glad that I took her up there. The next time it snows in the San Diego mountains we’ll be there again for sure.



Written by jonewantsm3

April 25, 2012 at 1:00 am

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