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New Job: Wedding DJ

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More engagements = more weddings.

I have also been receiving more and more wedding invites…like eight this year. With one arriving last night…which means I need to start alienating friends…

I think I am just going to quit my job and start my own wedding DJ business. I would be so good you have no idea. I’ve been to a wedding where the DJ was so bad that everybody literally walked off the dance floor and never returned. Yikes! My friend turned to me and was like, “you should totally go up there and take over…”

The golden rule for DJ-ing at weddings is to read and play to the crowd. And by crowd I really mean the ladies. As long as you keep the ladies happy and dancing, there will be lots of dudes on the dance floor as well.

Good music –> happy ladies –> lots of ladies dancing –> guys will be dancing = Great Success!

But inversely, the opposite does not work:

Good music –> happy dudes –> lots of dudes dancing –> no ladies dancing = Mosh Pit

Having  tons of guys dancing by themselves on the dance floor is not dancing, it’s a liability.

But before starting your own Wedding DJ business, you need to figure out a few things.

1. DJ Name
You need to pick a name that puts you above the rest of the DJs out there but at the same time it needs to be totally rad and totally you. That is why the name DJ Oriental Railroad is perfectly legit. While you may be thinking that I chose that name because I am racist towards myself…the actually reason is because I lay down crazy tracks…oooohhh snaaap

The first idea I had for a DJ name didn’t seem like it would be a good idea. Do you think people would refer DJ Babies-On-The-Dance-Floor to their friends and family when they show up to the wedding…and the awesome music is causing people to make babies on the dance floor? I didn’t think so either…

2. Song Selection

With a DJ name like DJ Oriental Railroad, I would have a lot to live up to. And it doesn’t mean a thing to have the best name if your music selection is garbage. Wedding music is categorized into three sections: the first dance, the slow songs and then the dance/party music. And I’ve got these figured out perfectly.

2A. The First Dance
This is the intimate event where the newlyweds share their first dance floor moment in front of their family and friends. Nothing screams intimacy more than my top two recommendations:

Nothing will make your inlaws more proud than dancing with a member of their family to this song…

2B. Slow Songs
Or as I would like to call them…Slow Jams. These are the songs that make you cry because they bring up old memories of heartbreak. You know, the perfect type for wedding occasions.

Mariah and Boyz II Men are the perfect combination…like avocados and anything edible…and I know the song is not really wedding material but it’s Boyz II Men and Mariah so…yes it is.

And major props to Savage Garden for being the only non-black artist to make my entire wedding playlist…

2C. Dance/Party Music
This is the most important part of DJ-ing. Here are a few songs that will never fail you:

And maybe this song to pump up the crowd a little more:

Boom Shakalaka

If you want DJ Oriental Railroad to make an appearance at your next wedding (and I don’t mean second marriage…), please leave a comment and he will get back to you shortly.



Written by jonewantsm3

April 19, 2012 at 1:00 am

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