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Heart Attack Sunday

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I woke up at 5:45AM Sunday morning because I had to play guitar at church and arrive there at 7AM.

I did my morning routine and spent some time sitting with Morgan as she slept in the morning darkness. I usually sit with her a few minutes every morning before I leave for work, go dawn patrol or to church. My plan later on was to get home right after lunch and take her on a hike. So I loaded up the car and left for church and blah blah blah.

After the first service, I went to check my phone.

There was a couple of text messages, a new voice mail message, and a few missed calls from my dad. Hmm. I hope everything is okay.

The text messages were sent from my sister. They said something like, “hey dad wants you to call him,” and “call dad asap.” Hmm.

I walked to the patio area outside of church and called the voice mail. The message went something along the lines of.

“Hey Johnny it’s dad. Just wanted to remind you of grandpa’s dinner tonight so you remember to make it. Also, we couldn’t find Morgan anywhere this morning while we were leaving for church. We looked around for a while but couldn’t find her so we figured you took her to church with you to go hiking afterwards. Anyway, I just wanted to double check but she’s probably with you anyway. Okay have a good day and see you tonight.”

WHAT THE Y@#$S!@#$!^dfggk@H028YFA;SLDKA????

I immediately called my dad.

Dad: Hello?
Johnny: Dad where’s Morgan?
Dad: Isn’t she with you?
Johnny: What!?
Dad: I thought you took her to go hiking.
Johnny: No!
Dad: That’s why I called you. I wanted to double check if you had her.
Johnny: She was in the garage when I left this morning.
Dad: Well she wasn’t in the garage when we left.
Johnny: …
Dad: We spent about 10 minutes looking for her before we left too. Your sister walked the entire property looking but couldn’t find her so we left.
Johnny: That’s not possible…she was there when I left this morning.
Dad: I don’t know then. We didn’t find her and we’re at church already.
Johnny: Did [older brother] leave before you guys?
Dad: Yes
Johnny: Did you ask him if Morgan was in the garage when he left?
Dad: No
Johnny: I need to call [older brother] to see if he saw her as he left in the morning. Dad… this is not good!
Dad: We’ll find her when we get back.
Johnny: No! I need to go back now and find her!
Dad: How? We’re at church.
Johnny: Hold on. I need to think about this.

Oh man. My heart was pounding. I was terrified that Morgan was stuck outside our gate freaking out because she couldn’t get back inside.

She must be so scared right now!
Should I leave church because of a “family” emergency?
Was one of those missed calls from someone who found her?

Crap! The band started playing. I need to get back inside but this is too important. What do I do?!?

Dad: Johnny, I’m sure Morgan is fine.
Johnny: I’ll know that when I see her.
Dad: If you think about it, this is actually really your fault.
Johnny: What!? Wait a second…why is this my fault? She was home when I left this morning!
Dad: It’s your fault that you forgot it was April Fools Day.
Johnny: …
Johnny: I can’t believe this. You are something else man.
Dad: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh man, you sounded worried! Hee Hee Hee (insert fat man sounding laugh)
Johnny: Dad
Dad: Yes?
Johnny: You made a big mistake dad
Dad: No, I made a good joke HAHAHAHA
Johnny: I gotta run dad
Dad: See you tonight

I hung up and quickly ran inside.

After church, I had thoughts of pulling a prank on my dad. I would text him, “The house is on fire!” and then when he replies “nice try” I’d reply with a picture of the house really on fire and be like “I hope the fire department gets here in time to put out this prank before everything is lost…”

But that would be too cruel.

I guess this is what I get for pranking everybody else throughout the year.

Happy April everybody.


Written by jonewantsm3

April 2, 2012 at 10:42 am

Posted in Rant

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