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Oh, A Weekend

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This past week/weekend has been very fun and eventful.

I have been putting in long hours at work but the time I do have by myself or with friends have been good. Here are a few things that happened:

1. I Am A Heartbreaker
Two girls asked for my number this week. I gave out my number zero times. Haha. Ha. Crap I should have given them my number!

2. Dog Beach
Morgan and I took a field trip to the doggy dog beach:

Objects In Mirror Are Cuter Than They Appear

Morgs is flabbergasted at the hundreds of canines at dog beach

Morgs is super tired and smells like wet dog after running around for a couple hours

3. Birthday Party
I went to my friends birthday party. He or she may have had a little too much to drink and tried to headbutt me multiple times throughout the night. I got a text message the following morning while I was at church:

“So I tried to fight you last night is what I heard…”

4. North County San Diego

A little surf and a little reading on the beach makes me happy. How can you get tired of this?

5. Kid Exchange

I found a place in Encinitas where you can buy/sell/trade kids…

6. In-N-Out

This is a great way to end a weekend. No I did not eat straight up ketchup packets… I ate the double-double animal style, well done fries and neo-shake so fast that the ketchup packets were all that was left.

Written by jonewantsm3

March 12, 2012 at 1:00 am

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