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Surfer Blood Concert

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Last Tuesday I went to a Surfer Blood concert at UCSD’s Porter’s Pub.

I got a text on Tuesday morning from my old roommate asking me, “hey, you still down for the Surfer Blood tonight right?” gaaaaaah. Yea I was down. But I was extremely exhausted. You see, I got back from the Havasupai camping trip the night before and I woke up on Tuesday at 5AM to go to work that day. And I hadn’t cleaned up any of my camping gear and …excuses excuses excuses.

I told my roommate yes and we planned to meet up at UCSD.

Anyway, work ended. I rushed home and then drove down to UCSD to meet my roommate:

This is my non-loner college roommate waiting for me like a cool guy. His name happens to be Johnny as well…

So after meeting up, the Johnnys walked to Porter’s Pub for a few beers and to catch up on life happenings. Once inside, I was really shocked at all the conversations going on around me.

“Yo bartender! What’s your highest alcohol content!? Oh snaaaaap bro.. that’s 11% I’ll take two pints of that!!!”
“Whoa… that guy just cut me at the bar. I was next in line!”
“Hey man this beer is 11% what are you doing drinking that beer??”

My goodness. Major face palm.

I was hoping that I did not sound that stupid back in college. I could barely handle it. I stood at the bar just looking at the kids around me completely shocked. But alas, it was finally “my turn” in line so I ordered.

Me: Can I please get a Stone Pale Ale?
Bartender: Whaaaat!?? (He’s literally shouting at me from three feet away)
Me: A pint of Stone Pale Ale please
Bartender: Why the hell do you want to drink that? That’s only 5%!
Me: …What?
Bartender: Why don’t you get that one man. It’s 11%!
Me: Because I want Stone that’s why.
Bartender: Fine whatever you say.

…WTF just happened?

They were out of Stone Pale Ale out so I got Sierra Nevada instead. And because I didn’t eat dinner and I was more thirsty than anything, I figured to get a glass of water because I didn’t want to get tipsy right away I am an old man now. I really didn’t want to ask the guy and hesitated but I asked anyway.

Me: Excuse me, could I please get a glass of water as well?
Bartender: Water!?? What the hell you drinking water for!??
Me: Because I’m thirsty…
Bartender: Fine

He grabbed a disposable cup and filled it one inch for me and slammed it down in front of me and moved on to the next customer. “Next!”

There must have been a legion of angels holding me back because I was so close to fighting this delta bravo of a bartender. But I kept my composure, thanked him for the water and grabbed a seat. Johnny #2 sat down and was like “what the heck just happened? What’s his problem?” No idea.

Porter’s lame ass Pub

Anyway, this is a post about the concert right? Let’s move on.

The show itself started at 10PM. Ugh. A bunch of junky UCSD bands opened and we stayed in the bar area observing the biochemistry leaders of tomorrow get smashed and thrown out of the campus pub. Once Surfer Blood started sound checking we went to the stage. The setup is a little weird but good for a small campus pub setting. They are a really good small venue band, but I could never see them making a leap to big concert venues…or at least not how they’re playing now.

Is it me or does he kind of look like Will Ferrell doing the Bush impersonation…?

Once the music started going, I realized that the singing was slightly off key the entire concert. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, the show was fun but they are definitely lacking the star power and presence to make it to the next level. He’s a song I recorded and uploaded to youtube… you judge yourself.


Overall, the concert was a lot of fun and they played a lot of new songs. Would I see them again? Probably not but I do enjoy their albums quite a bit and you should definitely check them out. Would I go back to Porter’s Pub ever again? Hecks to the nizzle. But what do you expect from a campus pub? Exactly.

Until next time, Cheers.


Written by jonewantsm3

March 5, 2012 at 1:00 am

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