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New Friends In San Diego

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Last weekend, my friend from England…who is studying in Pasadena…drove down to visit San Diego with a few friends. It was a lot of fun to meet them and hang out with them all weekend and get to know such a good group of people. We did mostly touristy stuff the first day so I took a lot of pictures…

New friends! Cheers!

I treated them to coffee and dessert at Zanzibar in downtown. Our schedule for the day was Seaport Village and then Coronado. So chill…so perfect.

“There is more to explore”

We had a blast.

I took them to Pizza Port on Sunday night and they drove up to Pasadena afterward. It was a strange thing to meet a group of people and then one day later feel sad that they’re leaving as if you all had been friends for a long time. I think that just speaks to how fun and genuine these guys really were.

Towards the end of dinner…one of my new friends turned and said to me, “I don’t get it…so you were born here, and you grew up around here but when you talk about the beach and the ocean it’s like you’re so excited about it. You talk as if you have only recently discovered it or something. Do you really like the ocean that much?”

Oops. I had no idea I was so obsessed with the ocean! But I sat there and thought about it and it was true. I replied with something along the lines that every time I look at the ocean I feel two things. First, it reminds me of how small I am in this world and that’s a good thing because it’s never about me. And secondly, every time I look at it…I am completely blown away by how beautiful and mysterious it is. Yes I know that I go to the beach a lot and I surf a lot and people may not believe me when I tell them that…but it’s true. Every time I look at it I really cannot believe that God had the creativity and ability to make something so purposeful and full of life and yet here I am…able to enjoy it every single day. It’s a great reminder that God’s just been so good to me my entire life and that I need to be incredibly thankful for all of the good things I have. Cheeeeseey..but true!

…and yeah, the sunsets in San Diego aren’t bad either…

Anyway, there may be a huge life update in the near future…but as for now, you’ll have to sit in suspense and suck it up until I report it on my bloggity blog.

Until next time, Cheers!


Written by jonewantsm3

January 27, 2012 at 1:00 am

Posted in Living Life, Rant

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