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Blast From The Past

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My friend was reading my blog and laughed.

She was laughing at my dream as a kid…of wanting to grow up to become a dinosaur. How dare her. she? How dare she. whatever.

Then she went into the depths of her past and emailed me an old post from her Xanga.

Friend’s Xanga Post from 2004:

“so the big future question has been hitting me big time over the last month or two.. i still have yet to figure out where my life is headed, but i had some good laughs to relieve the nervous tension.. i can always count on great friends like johnny for that =)

thug70417174: i had a dream when i was 5
thug70417174: i wanted to be a dinosaur
Friend: LoL
thug70417174: thats clearly not an option anymore

Here are a couple of notable comments:

HAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! i could see johnny as a dinosaur… what a silly nilly. hahaha
Posted 10/13/2004 12:08 AM by tiniFATduude – recommend – reply

ahhhahahhahaha! the dinosaur thing is soooooo great. ahahhaha 🙂
Posted 10/13/2004 12:21 AM by dreamsicle21 – recommend – reply

Okay, two things.

See? I don’t lie to my faithful readers. When I post stories of my life, they are true… and sometimes it is a very sad thing…like wanting to grow up to be a dinosaur and only now realizing that may be the reason I didn’t have any friends growing up. Just kidding…maybe.

And yes, I had the dumbest screen name as a kid growing up. Shaddup. But I had a reputation to protect and adding “thug” in front of my name in numerics/pager code definitely upped my street cred growing up in the mean white streets of Del Mar, CA.

Until next time, thug out.

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January 27, 2012 at 2:53 pm

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