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Music Box: BOY

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Happy New Year! Happy New Music!

Last year when I started posting a new monthly Music Box artist in January, my goal was to stop friends from coming up to me and asking me questions like…

yeah so… I’m in a music slump right now, do you have any new bands I could listen to? or
hey Johnny, I need some new songs… any new music I should be listening to?

I start getting annoyed when the same people come up to me and ask me over and over again because my answer is always yes.

Well, after a year of posting a monthly new artist on Music Box, I am still getting a lot of the same friends coming up to me monthly and asking me if I could give them a good recommendation for new music. <insert face palm>

Instead of discontinuing this monthly Music Box category, I’ll continue because I have received quite a few thanks in person and from people on the internet machine.

This months artist is BOY. And no, they are not boys.

BOY is a female duo led by Valeska Steiner and support Sonja Glass…and I might add that they’re both really pretty and talented girls indeed.

When this album released back in early September 2011, I got it, looked at it, and said, “hmm…BOY…and they’re two girls…heh” and then put it aside and it collected dust for about a month. Once I finally listened to it, I almost punished myself severely for having neglected this CD for so long. Both of these girls are by no means amazing musicians or singers, but they put together these simple driving melodies that instantly catch your attention. It also helps that Valeska sings with such emotion and heart that it is able to pull the listening experience up to that next level of amazing.

What’s amazing to me is that their native language is not English, it’s German. I don’t think I could ever be talented enough to sing in another language as well as they do. While their hit single on the album is Little Numbers, I felt that it was too pop-y for me and thought most of the other songs were more enjoyable.

Check out these Deutschland cuties:

Simply amazing.

Here’s another one of my favorites from the album:

There you go.

Now go buy their album so they make lots of money and can come tour the USA and then I’ll meet Valeska and she’ll completely dig me and then we’ll start a long distance relationship or something cool like that. Or just check out their album.

Artist: BOY
Albums: Mutual Friends

Recommended Songs:

The Innocence Mission – God Is Love

This song is one of my favorite songs the past couple of years… I put it on every once in a while to remind me of exactly what the song title says.

And since it’s the new year, I pulled up an oldie and one of the happiest awesome songs I know…turn it up to 11.

Jack Peñate – Pull My Heart Away


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January 5, 2012 at 5:09 pm

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