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Major Items Update

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So 2011 is over and I have not done an items update in a long time. I figured that people did not really give a crap every time I bought a new shirt or got rid of one so I just stopped doing updates to the point where… I completely forgot to do any updates at all.

Because 2011 has already passed us, I figured to go ahead and do a final update now that my 100 Thing Challenge has comes to an end.

Here are the items that I got rid of:

Item 5: Blackberry
Item 11: Canon 5D2 + 50mm/1.8
Item 12: 24-70mm/2.8
Item 13: Domke F3x
Item 40: Backup SLR

Item 34: Hat – I lost it…
Item 78: Polo Shirt
Item 89: Pants (1)
Item 100: Fisheye Lens

Here are some things I gained:

Item 5: HTC Titan
Item 11: Nikon D700 + 50mm/1.4
Item 12: 14-24mm/2.8
Item 13: Tenba Messenger
Item 34: Down Vest (gift)

Item 40: T Shirt
Item 49: T Shirt
Item 61: T Shirt
Item 73: T Shirt

Total Item Count: 93

Interesting Items:

– Mp3 Player – I lost the charger and stopped using it since the end of September. I haven’t really missed it.
– Kindle – App on the HTC Phone replaces it…so maybe I can get rid of it?
– Blurays – Never even watched one in 2011
– PS3 – Minimal use in past few months. I mostly use it only for Netflix which I watch mostly through my computer
– Nalgene – Can’t find it
– Shorts – wore each one maybe once in 2011…and only to justify keeping the items on the list.
– Neck Buff – Did not even use it this year

My next post will be my summary and conclusion of the 100 Thing Challenge and the beginning of my 10,000 Thing Challenge. Just kidding.

Written by jonewantsm3

January 4, 2012 at 1:00 am

Posted in 100 Things

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