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TW: Goodbye

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On my last day in Taiwan, I woke up early and received a phone call from another cousin. She wanted to take me to Yang Ming Shan to eat lunch and hike around with her husband and two kids whom I’ve never met before. I never pass up a chance for delicious food nor do I pass up opportunities to walk around in nature so this was an easy decision for me.

The lunch place was tucked away high up on the mountain. The road to get there was windy, and not a lot of people traveled it…but the restaurant itself was a gem in the area and everybody knew it which meant long waiting and overcrowding. Once we sat down, the food was incredible…and I could make the argument that this was the best spot I’ve eaten at in Taiwan. It was also great to talk to my cousin and catch up with her and meet her husband and kids. They’re a fun family to hang around with and the kids and I instantly bonded once they knew I was family. They grabbed at my camera, they grabbed my face, they asked why I had earrings, they asked why I was so hairy, they asked if the mountain view was the best I have ever seen, they punched my stomach abs, they jumped on my back…all the normal kids stuff that I love.

Hello, this is my little niece E. She’s a cutie.

This is E trying to stab my camera. Still cute.

After lunch, we took a stroll down through the mountainside and I took a few pictures:

I had a great time revisiting Yang Ming Shan.

After they dropped me off, I was just lounging around until my flight. It was bittersweet to leave Taiwan as I felt that I was ready to head home but at the same time wished it was closer so I could hop on a flight and visit more often. I ate another bowl of beef noodle soup and bought another boba milk tea before the ride to the airport. What a great way to end the trip.

In the middle of my flight back, I woke up randomly and looked out the window to see one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Tokyo lit up at 1AM in the morning. I believe that is Tokyo on the far side of the bay and Chiba on the closer side.

This picture really doesn’t come close to capturing the view from the airplane.

As we were landing, we flew by downtown LA for a great view of the Staples Center, convention hall and the rest of the downtown high rises.

While landing at LAX is a great feeling, it’s definitely not on the same level as walking out at San Diego Airport. My brother picked me up and we immediately set off to satisfy my yearning for Mexican food. We drove out to East LA for the best fish tacos in the universe at Taco Nazo.

On the way there my bro says, “Everybody claims to have the best fish tacos…” but as he bit into the first one he said, “Okay, these are by far the best fish tacos I’ve ever had in my life!” So true.

When I finally got home that night, I ran out of the car to play with Morgan. She was so excited I was back that she was doing her jump spins and going crazy and I was literally on the ground rolling around with her. My mom walked out and saw us rolling around she was like, “you’re never this excited when you greet humans…” Probably a lot of truth to that.

It’s great to be home.

Until next time Taiwan, Cheers.

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December 22, 2011 at 1:00 am

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