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TW: Taipei Part III

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I woke up the next morning hungry for more adventure…and for food.

I walked down to the local bakery and picked up some snacks for the MRT ride over to Warner Village.

There was lots to see at Warner Village and I managed to find one of the few UNIQLO stores that exist on this planet.

Lots of Christmas trees in Warner Village…old credit cards, bottle caps, toys…

…and sporks.

Warner Village is close to Taipei 101.

After walking around a bit, hunger set in and we headed back to Ximending for a dinner.

Our dinner destination was a place called Modern Toilet. The idea of the restaurant is at the same time creative and very disgusting…but hey, it attracts tons of people and the food surprisingly tastes great.

I ordered the hot pot…

My sister ordered the chicken curry…

I expected the food to not be as good but it turned out to be great. I really enjoyed my hot pot until I had the creepy feeling that someone was watching me but I looked around and saw nobody. Then I looked in my soup and found the peering eyes.

Hello Kitty had emerged from my soup to stalk me.

Dessert was a chocolate ice cream served in a squatter.

Then we made our way to Shilin Night Market. It was Friday night and the market was way too crowded with people, vendors, stores, food and the smells of Taiwan. This night market is the biggest one in Taiwan and from what other people tell me, one of the best ones you can visit in Asia. There are so many little side streets that you could get lost and are filled with random things.






There were also tons of shirts and foods that were interesting…

I got a call around 10pm from my cousin saying he wanted to hang out for my last night in Taiwan. He picked me up at around 11pm and told me that he was going to take me to some hot springs in Beitou. Awesome. I told him that we had to stop by his house first so I could pick up my swim trunks and he laughed and said that the hot springs that we were going to were a naked hot springs and you couldn’t wear clothes there.


Oh my goodness I was definitely not ready for this…but it was my last night so I did it anyway. You know what they say, when in rome…

These weren’t the only fish swimming in the hot springs waters… gross

Those are pictures of the outside because I couldn’t take pictures inside for obvious reasons. I realized half way through the naked dip that there are tons of gay dudes there. Did it make me feel uncomfortable? Not really…but it was like hanging out in a gay bar…except naked. In fact, my cousins gay friend was there too with a few of his friends and we were walking out just as they were going in for a dip. I guess this is a pretty common date place for them. But I am glad that I did it as it’s something that I probably would never normally do or think of doing on my own.

Afterwards, we got hungry afterwards so we ate some more food.

We got home at around 4am and crashed hard. There’s no better way to end a trip than exposing myself to mass male nudity on my final night here in Taipei.


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December 20, 2011 at 1:00 am

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