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TW: Taipei Part II

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I was able to make it back to Aunt #2’s house last night and woke up the next morning ready for a full day of adventure in Taipei. The first stop of the day was Tamsui (when did it change from Danshui?) which is the most North stop on the MRT red line.

The MRT drops you off right next to the river and the markets and old shops are nearby. Tamsui has a good market area and sells lots of cool snacks and toys.

Mmm…more red bean cake!

After walking around for a couple hours, the next stop was Ximending which is the biggest shopping, pedestrian, hangout, fashion, mall area in Taipei and Taiwan.

These ladies followed me around for a bit… I think white face had the hots for me.

I saw this lost dog sign when I was waiting for my drink order and did not think much of it until I looked closer. Why is that dog wearing a kimono and standing in a kung-fu/surfing pose?

Also found a shop that sold funny Engrish clothing

Doraemon + Angry Birds = …Dola Bird…?

It was getting dark which meant dinnertime at the famous beef noodle soup place nearby. How good is beef noodle soup? Too good. In fact, it’s unfair how delicious it is. My white friends in high school would ask me if my grandma was making anymore of that beef noodle soup you guys make all the time. And as a good friend, I would lie to them and say no so I could have more to myself. If surfing in Kenting was the first climax to my trip, this bowl of life sustaining beef and noodles was the second.

This contents of this bowl stood absolutely no chance.

While I was still sitting there in a blissful state of mind, my phone rang. To my surprise, it was my oldest cousin calling to see what I was up to. She wanted to take me to visit Taipei 101 and grab dessert. That sounded like a good plan to me especially since I didn’t have any plans at night. And it was cool because I haven’t seen her in over ten years.

The elevator ride up was something ridiculous like 40 seconds. The views up top were amazing.

The Taiwanese and the Taipei 101 have been recently beat out by the mighty Arabs in being the tallest building in the world. The amazing thing for me as a structural engineer nerd is the dampening system inside the 101 which was not available to the public the last time I visited the 101 many years ago when it first opened.

The damper system is like a pendulum which sways to offset the building displacement during typhoons or large earthquakes. Pretty innovative piece of technology. Here’s a video of the ball in action.

The real science behind this system is damper man standing next to the massive ball controlling it with his mind.

Afterwards, we walked around the mall below and then went to my cousins house to have tea and meet her kids.

We left her house at around 11pm and got back to my Aunt’s house just past midnight. The great thing about Taiwan is that delicious food stands are usually still open very late at night and I was able to score some dumplings and soup.

Overall, a long good tiring day. We’ll see what other adventures Taipei holds for me tomorrow.


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December 19, 2011 at 1:00 am

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