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TW: Kenting Day 2

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This is the view from the roof of Yo-Yo Inn where we stayed.

Not too shabby.

I had a light breakfast and made my way over to pick up my rental board. When I got to the beach, there was a strong and steady offshore wind and consistent head high to overhead sets. All of the waves that came through were strong, fast and extremely clean. Perfect.

So very happy

Setting up to get shacked

I was having way too much fun out there. The water temp was 78 degrees F. I was burning up in my wetsuit but I could care less because it was keeping me warm from the wind chill. It was getting stupid how fun it was out there with these perfect waves rolling through.

Then it got scary.

I saw a swell hump in the distance and thought…oh my gosh what is that? I turned to the dude next to me and said in Taiwanese, “wa cau,” and also Mandarin, “wai mien,” which both mean “outside.” Then I paddled as hard as I could.

The waves that started rolling through were 25 foot faces and cleaned everybody out. Me and the one guy I warned were the only two guys who made it through the set. And then more sets came hard and fast…everybody either got washed in or went in…except for the guy next to me whose eyes were telling me that he shouldn’t be out here. Haha poor dude.

I was actually slightly nervous because the biggest waves I’ve surfed previously were probably 12 foot faces in Oceanside on a solid swell. In my mind I figured screw it and went for a few of the waves. I was only able to catch two of the smaller, bigger waves (?) about 15 foot faces but never wiped out because the waves were so smooth. Too bad my dad didn’t take anymore pictures because he thought I was one of the wimpasses that paddled in. Thanks dad.

A few notes about surfing in Taiwan.

1. There are some pretty good surfers out there. Also some really good body boarders.
2. They are good about who has the right of way on a wave.
3. There are a lot of girls out there longboarding…
4. They are horrible about getting in your way while you’re on a wave and they’re paddling out. In fact…they scream, jump one way and kick their board the other way which forces me to either wipe out or wipe out. And this happened to me multiple times. Or they paddle straight for the path in front of you.
5. Do not duck dive anywhere near behind anybody. The majority of the time they’ll just ditch their board and it becomes a missile coming straight at you. Sometimes they’ll kick it out to the side which happened to me and their board nearly cost me some dental work.

Overall, surfing in Taiwan was awesome. I’m definitely coming back in the future.

After surfing, we explored Kenting in the rain:

Nixon Rock

The most southern point of Taiwan…

The most southern point of Taiwan getting desecrated by an American boy who is genius enough to wear shorts and flip flops in the rain…

Halfway through our trip, I stopped for some snacks and realized that it’s hard to eat Taiwanese snacks when they look so darn cute.

Natural fire pit. The name of this place is actually a swear word to the locals who live in this area. Odd.

It got dark so we went back to the old district for dinner at a famous duck place.

Mmm… so delicious that you don’t want to know what it is you’re eating

As we were heading back for the night, we stopped by a pharmacy to pick up some first aid for my dad’s hand. He scratched it up pretty badly on the first hike we went on and I was going to help put a bandage on it. We looked hard and found all the stuff we needed but then I found something way better and totally unrelated.

My favorite toothpaste in the universe:

Literally translated: Black Man’s Toothpaste

Because you know…black people have really white teeth…and dress like the monopoly man.

Our last day in Kenting was a great success. Not because of the epic waves, not because of amazing views of southern Taiwan…but because I found Black Man’s Toothpaste.

Until next time Kenting…Cheers!


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December 14, 2011 at 6:39 am

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  1. Thanks for the good information. I’m Nanwan beach now. Going to surf tomorrow! Where is the duck restaurant?


    May 4, 2014 at 6:00 am

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