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TW: Tainan

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The first day in Taiwan was spent hanging out with my dad and a couple of his friends whom we called Uncle and Auntie. All in all I had a lot of fun but I did not get to see a lot of the city. Why? Because when I told Auntie that I love coming to Taiwan because I can eat all the authentic Taiwanese food that you cannot find in the States…she made it her personal mission to bring me to all the little food carts, fruit stands, restaurants, snack shops…that existed in Tainan.

Everywhere we visit was because there was another food place near there.

“Let’s show them that one temple next..oh, there’s the famous mochi place next to there.”

“Next we’ll go to the river, there’s a place that sells really fresh bread and shrimp crackers there.”

“We’re going to this place that has the best papaya in Taiwan, it’s next to where we’re going to have dinner which is famous for it’s crab.”

Anyway, so here are the very few pictures I took during day one:

We took a boat ride around a part of the city and there was a temple nearby so I went in to scope it out. Note to self, walk into a temple on the right side and walk out on the left side.

Before dinner, the auntie wanted to buy me a jacket because she never gets to see me…ever.

It made me slightly uncomfortable for her to buy me a jacket. Not only because I did not know her that well but because every time she hugged me her hands would do circular motions on my back. This is probably the first time I have ever encountered someone rubbing my back in such a manner while hugging. It was like she had Mr. Miyagi hands and was trying to wax on or wax off my shirt. But the jacket was nice and I probably won’t see her for another five years so I let her do what she wanted. Anything for the nice down jacket.

And here are some of the things I indulged myself with:

Delicious! We bought so much handmade mochi!

The shrimp here are a lot bigger

The crab was delicious

And Kung Pao Puppy was delicious too…

Just kidding. We did not eat the puppy. It came into the store when Auntie Hands was buying me a jacket and I leaned down and asked what it was shopping for. Then I looked up and the owner gave me a weird look… probably because I spoke to the dog in English and it only understands Mandarin. How foolish of me.

So after the first day, the only pictures I have to show are some water ones and food ones and a puppy I didn’t eat. Our next stop was Kaohsiung which allowed me to get away from them and snap some quality pictures.


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December 11, 2011 at 5:49 am

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