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Happy Thanksgiving With Awkwardness

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First off, just wanted to stay Happy Thanksgiving to all the bored people who have nothing better to do than read my blog. Your loyalty is appreciated and thank you for reading about all the weird stuff that I go through day in and day out.

I actually spent this Thanksgiving with another church family as my family’s dinner is delayed until Saturday night due to my dad flying home late. His company wanted to throw a last second Thanksgiving dinner to show their appreciation for the workers and he had to change his flight schedule but no matter, we’ll be able to all sit down and enjoy a meal together later on. I really enjoy Thanksgiving because it’s the start of the holiday season leading up to Christmas.

And now for the awkward story.

So there were a couple of other girls invited to the dinner and I met one of them tonight who was visiting from Norcal. She was staying in downtown for the weekend while visiting her friend and happened to be invited to the dinner as well. After dinner, the girl had to be dropped off at the train station to get back down to downtown.

Someone was like, “Hey, isn’t that on your way home? Can you drop her off?”

I didn’t mind so I replied, “yea, I could do that.”

So we get to the train station and the train was running late and it was dark so I figured to do the gentleman thing and waited with her. So we talked and talked in the cold for about half an hour and the announcement went over the speakers that the train was arriving in a minute. Then my brain started overthinking.

How should I say bye to her?

Well, I’ll just give her a hug and walk away. But I only met her a couple hours ago, she may think I’m a creep trying to get a creeper hug from a girl. Okay, I’ll just do a handshake and walk away then. It’s the holiday season, everybody deserves a hug. But she was smiling and laughing at all the dumb things that I’ve been saying all night and…okay well I don’t want to lead her on so I’ll just shake her hand and walk away.

The train pulls up and stops. Time for the handshake.

Girl: Thank you for dropping me off and waiting with me.
Me: No problem.
Girl: Nice meeting you, bye…

As we neared for the goodbye, I stuck my hand out in anticipation for her hand. Instead she walked in expecting a hug. What actually happened was I stuck my hand straight into her stomach.

Me: Oh …aaaah…okay…a hug…nice…bye…

Then I gave her a hug and walked away.

What the heck just happened? At least I didn’t jab her right boob with my fingertips. This was probably my most awkward encounter all year.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


Written by jonewantsm3

November 24, 2011 at 7:26 pm

Posted in Rant

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