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Music Box: The Dead Trees

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I took a group of friends hiking this past summer and on our drive up we saw a ton of trees burned down from a previous San Diego fire.

I randomly turned to my friend and said, “if I ever start a band… we’re going to be called The Dead Trees.”

Everybody agreed that it was a good name for a band…until I google searched it and found that it was already a name of a band. Now I detest it. Just kidding. Maybe. Actually I don’t… because they’re damn good and fun to listen to.

And what do you know… these guys hail straight from Los Angeles, CA (or are they from Boston…?) and represent this new rock, alternative, groove-ness that will chill out whatever stresses you have going on in your life. They’ve got a real throwback sound to their music and makes me feel like I’m either driving down the PCH or sitting on a beach somewhere. I can’t believe that their myspace page only has a few hundred hits…they seem completely legit and primed for explosion to me.

Regardless of how many people are following them, you have to give them a listen and see for yourself.

I love how he’s rocking a D.A.R.E. shirt as well hahaha

Get on this stuff. You know you want to.

Artist: The Dead Trees
Albums: Whatwave

Suggested Music:

Artist: Wild Flag
Album: Wild Flag

I first heard their album at the end of September and instantly fell in infatuation. There is so much weirdness going on with this band… I can’t wrap my head around why I am so drawn to these… middle aged women…with slightly above average musicianship…and stupidly simple, fun guitar riffs…amazing!

Artist: The Dodos
Album: No Color

This is the band that I would have featured for this month but I think they’re too well known (and by well know I mean that they have a larger following but still relatively unknown band). This is probably one of the best bands you will hear as they are incredible musicians. The way they stitch together their complex strums, beats and rhythms to compliment their smooth simple vocals takes a lot of skill.

Great music to end a great week.

Happy Friday!


Written by jonewantsm3

November 4, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in Music Box

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