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Balboa Park

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This week has been a depressing week in terms of sports teams that I support so, I will not even go there…

Instead I will talk about Saturday, a sport-free day when I went to Balboa Park and snapped some pictures. I remember going to Balboa Park growing up as a kid because there were so many museums there. There was also the large pool that I fell into and a fountain that didn’t taste so good…but overall I really enjoyed it growing up. I’ve only been back a handful of times and I spent a couple hours down there on Saturday with the other 2039428402 photographers to take pictures of the beautiful place.

Here are some shots:

Those were difficult to take… I snapped a shot, then I walked ten feet to the other side of the bridge and took the other shot. But that is one of the more popular spots in Balboa Park so I made sure I did that right.

Guess where?

I borrowed my buddy’s macro lens to get this shot. I hovered about three inches above the wet soggy dew covered morning grass and got my jeans wet but it was worth it:

Macro is an entirely whole new world

Then we went to the Arboretum to snap some pictures of flowers. I did not have a macro lens but I think they came out alright:

This reminds me of a dinosaur for some reason…

Reminds me of one of the better KOL albums

My favorite shot of the day

Overall I had a great time snapping shots with my friend E. I haven’t seen him in a while and it seems like my pictures turn out a lot better every time I shoot with him because he’s so full of knowledge and tips for good shots. Hopefully my pictures get better and better as I keep shooting.

And props to those of you who saw my Aladdin reference above.

Happy Monday everybody!


I emailed some of these pictures to my dad and this is the response I get:

“Very good, you are getting better,but still not better then me…..Dad”

Copied/pasted straight from his email. Thanks dad.


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October 24, 2011 at 1:00 am

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