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Fire Neuheisel

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I’ve had enough.

I’ve friggin had enough.

I am posting this during halftime of the UCLA vs Arizona game.. where UCLA is getting their $#%! handed to them horrifically in the first half. What in the freaking world is going on here? We need to fire Neuheisel right now.

There are only two important facts you need to know about this matchup:

1. Arizona is 1-5 this season because…well, they suck.
2. UCLA is coming off a bye week. They had an extra week to prepare and game plan for Arizona and should be well ahead of them in terms of preparedness and scouting.

Well, apparently not. UCLA is getting destroyed 7-42 before the half. I am so angry and confused that I have to step away from the computer for a second…

Okay I’m back.

I’ve gathered my thoughts. Here they are:

1. FIRE NEUHEISEL. This clown is a horrible head coach. Coming out of a bye week this flat, unprepared, undisciplined is solely on the head coach. They are fumbling all over the place, not executing the plays well, and the defense is getting run over and embarrassed on national television.

2. Preparation. We had a bye week to prepare. They should have game planned really well against this Arizona team and then made last second adjustments the second week. A bye week is for the team to heal up and become more disciplined and work on the little things… such as not fumbling and not sucking! Mr. Neuheisel… did you not think that coming out of a bye week and playing on Thursday night in front of a national audience was not a big deal? Instead of jumping to 3-1 in the Pac-12 we’re now going to be the joke of the conference. Great job. And by great… I really mean horrible.

3. UCLA deserves better. Mr Dan Guerrero…I’ve walked past you a few times in the athletics building back when I was at UCLA, you seem like a smart guy. Think about hiring a good coach instead of finding a friggin alumni that you think the alumni would be happy about. Also think about our extremely talented red shirt freshman Brett Hundley and what coach can utilize him fully to his skills. Think along the lines of Urban Meyer because Hundley is the same type of player Tebow is. Think about it or else hiring the new coach will just be another setback because we’ll just have a highly talented player playing horribly in an offensive system that is not catered to his strengths.

4. Why am I so passionate? Well aside from the fact that I have been die hard UCLA fan since I was seven years old, UCLA deserves better for football. I used to bug my dad for a small portable radio so I could listen to music while I fell asleep at night… but in reality I was listening to March Madness and the Bruins dominating in 1992 to the Elite Eight… and then failing the next couple years and then finally winning the Big Dance in 1995 under Harrick!

5. Fire Neuheisel. He’s a horrible coach trying to implement an offense that could be great, but he’s an idiot who doesn’t know how to use it correctly as seen by his play calling. Not only that, but more importantly is the team is completely undisciplined and unprepared week in and week out. That’s the coach’s fault and he needs to be fired.

6. We got rid of Norm Chow to make Neuheisel happy!?? Okay when I heard we hired Norm I did a somersault because I was so happy. In fact, I did it in a public area. (just kidding… I lied) But that’s how excited I was. Norm has the ability to turn a program around because he’s just that good at running an offense and grooming a QB to full potential. When we fired him I almost cried. In fact, I was hysterical enough to try and play the race card saying they were getting rid of him because he was Asian… but reality was UCLA crapped the bed and went with Rick over Norm. Neuheisel over Norm!?? Are you kidding me!??? Norm’s resume includes one of the highest powered college offenses ever which was run by USC with Matt Leinart, also Carson Palmer, also Ty Detmer, also Philip Rivers, and also Steve Young! Are you kidding me!?? UCLA got rid of a guy who pumps out NFL ready QBs for a guy who can’t even run a pistol offense correctly? Fff….

7. Every time I see Rick Neuheisel I picture this in my mind:

Embarrassing. Let’s get a new head coach already…please!


Apparently, there was some extracurricular activity happening on the field before the half just after I walked away from the TV in the gym. I was doing some ab workouts and yelling at the TV, “it’s an obvious run play! Stop the afro guy! The ball is going to beast boy!!” and sure enough beast boy got the hand off and ran it in for an easy score. I stormed out of the gym in a fit of rage and hunger. When I got home, I check the box score and thought to myself, “it’s not halftime yet????” Well, here’s why:

How entertaining.

A streaker dressed as a referee blows the play dead at 0:12, #62 from UCLA body slams #32 from Arizona at 0:39, there’s an epic battle royale at 0:43, a midget sighting at 0:58, and a biased security guard at 1:20.


Written by jonewantsm3

October 20, 2011 at 8:21 pm

Posted in Rant

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  1. I’m a few years older than you, so I’ve seen some lousy s**t. I was at the 1994 Rose Bowl (I was 15 and asked my parents – both alums who had seats in the alumni section – to get me tickets for a Christmas present) when Cook had a brainfart and ran the ball with no timeouts and only a few seconds left. I watched the defense basically not show up against Miami in ’98. (Including the play where they literally didn’t show up to cover a receiver.) I watched Foster get suspended in ’01 when he was the frontrunner for the Heisman and the team just quit. I watched UCLA lose by 47 points to USC in ’05 and Dorrell somehow keep his job for another two years.

    But last night was the low point. And not just for the embarrassment of it all… but for how little any of it surprised me. This has become a third-tier program, and it’s just sad, because it didn’t have to be this way.


    October 21, 2011 at 5:45 pm

  2. hey, great blog! love it 🙂


    November 7, 2011 at 11:27 am

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