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PR: Goodbye

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The previous two days of island hopping drained me more than I realized and so my agenda was to take it easy and just lounge and relax. I didn’t take many pictures the last two days because I wanted to spend my last couple days soaking in PR through my eyes instead of the camera lenses.

I drove around El Yunque again because the views were breathtaking and the trails were amazing.

I spent a lot of time reading on the beach my last day there. Good old Item 44 kept me company and I could feel all the tension and stress disappearing as I chilled on the beach.

I will miss this…

Then right before dinner, the sky turned into something that looked like the Independence Day movie. I half expected to see an alien ship roll out of the clouds and settle itself over Old San Juan. Como se dice, good game human kind? In my mind I was thinking to pack up and leave the beach but everybody stayed on the beach. Maybe they know something that I didn’t know…?…which couldn’t have been further from the truth. The rain came suddenly and fell hard on me and the unsuspecting Puerto Ricans. It was those thick, fat warm droplets of rain that just soak everything. As I hurried off the beach, I looked behind and it was like a mad scramble …everybody was crying out and running off the beach and into the streets to the safety of their cars. It was like some monster emerged out of the Caribbean and people were fleeing for their lives! Looking back, I wish I took a video of it because if you didn’t know people were running from the fat globs of rain, you’d seriously think Godzilla was attacking the beaches of San Juan. Yes, it was that dramatic.

That night, I also had a very interesting conversation with a fellow hosteler…who had a hick accent.

Conversation 1:

Hick: Hey did you grab dinner yet?
Me: Yeah, the spot around the corner. It’s really good, you should try it.
Hick: I ate at a spot last night in a different city it was cheap.
Me: Cool. How was it?
Hick: It was DEEElicious man… sooo dee-lish-ous.
Me: Cool.
Hick: If you want, I can tell you where it is. It’s super quick too.
Me: Well I’m leaving tomorrow but thanks anyway
Hick: You take the um… freeway down that way… like forty minutes… and then like you exit and there’s like this small village and its on a street there.
Me: Okay. That sounds far…
Hick: Yeah… and it’s this little cart and man the line was like around the corner and you had to wait for like thirty minutes because the line was so long man
Me: So it’s forty minutes on the freeway and then a thirty minute wait for the food? That doesn’t sound quick at all
Hick: But the food is delicious and cheap
Me: How cheap?
Hick: It was like ten…fifteen bucks
Me: Wow that’s not cheap… I just ate a huge meal for six bucks dude
Hick: What?? Where? Do they sell tacos here? I love me some tasty tacos…
Me: I have to go… bye

Man I couldn’t tell if that dude was high or if he was just a hick for brains or something.

Conversation 2:

Hick: Hey man, time did you wake up this morning?
Me: Just before seven…
Hick: ..What!? Like seven in the morning?!
Me: Yea well it’s 5pm right now… I couldn’t have woken up two hours in the future

Conversation 3:

Hick: I’m so tired man you can’t believe it
Me: Then I probably won’t believe it
Hick: Man I slept for all but like two hours for the past three days
Me: You mean… you only slept for two hours for the past three days?
Hick: Naw… I mean like… I was so tired right…and that’s because I slept for all but like two hours
Me: So you took a coma?
Hick: Well I’m going to go sleep because I’m so tired
Me: That’s a good idea

Then later on he woke up in the middle of the night.

Conversation 4:

Hick: Man it’s dark outside.
Me: Yeah its pretty late
Hick: Yo man… what time is it?
Me: Just after twelve
Hick: What!?…Like twelve at night?
Me: Well, I don’t think it would be this dark outside if it was twelve in the afternoon
Hick: How long have I been sleeping?
Me: Not long
Hick: I’m going to go outside and check
Me: What… you’re going outside to check the time?
Hick: No…the weather

Oh. Because that makes sense.

I left the next morning. This was the very last picture I took of the trip. As great as PR was… the feeling of stepping off the airplane in San Diego is something that you just can’t describe. Not only is it the feeling of being home, but you instantly notice the temperature and weather being considerably way more awesome than anywhere else that you can’t help but smile as  you walk out into the passenger loading zone. The vacation was an amazing experience and I will definitely be back to visit the Caribbeans soon enough…

Until next time…it’s only goodbye for now PR.

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September 13, 2011 at 1:00 am

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