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PR: Culebra & Vieques

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I spent the next two days at the small islands just off the coast of PR: Culebra and Vieques.

Island 1: Culebra
I spent the first day traveling to Culebra and spent the day on Flamenco Beach. This beach is by far the most amazing beach/ocean/water whatever I have ever seen in my life. For literally thirty minutes, I walked up and down the beach because it just did not look real or feel natural. Everything was too perfect. The sand was too white and powdery. The temperature was comfortably warm at 86 degrees and clear as bath water. But I’m getting ahead of myself and I must back track and start with the ferry ride over.

The ferry was located in Fajardo so I drove there early in the morning with my two new friends C and A. It was good to meet a couple of people who enjoyed traveling and have already visited many places in the world. I also got to talk to a couple of pretty ladies on the ferry ride to Culebra… and remember, fine looking Spanish ladies are my favorite import to the lovely island of PR. I talked to them briefly about Flamenco Beach and found out that this was their first time visiting the beach as well. Even though they lived just ten minutes away from the ferry, they called in sick and were taking a small vacation of their own. They also asked if I was a professional photographer because of my fancy camera and I declined. Then she said, “hey! hello!” and when I looked over, she took a picture of me…and in that moment of extreme awkwardness, I was at least glad to help fulfill one of her childhood dreams.

And my conversation con las mamacitas got a little more awkward towards the end:

Me: Como se dice, will you marry me?
Mamacitas: Que?
Me: Um…Como se dice, greencard? Tarjeta verde?…Entiendes?
MC: Que?
Me: Nevermind, you ask way too many questions. I’m out.

After I broke her heart, the ferry arrived and everybody flooded over to Flamenco beaches in taxis. Except for me…the idiot adventure boy. While I was looking at a map of the island the previous night, it looked really small…small enough for someone to walk from the ferry to the beach. So when I decided to embark on what I thought was a short walk, I was really committing myself to a 50 minute power walk that produced a lot of pain and tears sweat. What a dummy. But when I finally got to Flamenco Beach, it was worth it. I can’t really describe how perfect it was so take a look yourself:

The snorkeling was amazing too. The water visibility was literally hundreds of feet.

This is me about 25 to 30 feet down.

And this is a picture of me doing something weird with my hands underwater…

About an hour before the last ferry headed back to the big island, I said my goodbyes to C and A and headed back. I got back to the hostel and fell asleep right away and got up the next morning to visit Vieques.

Island 2: Vieques
I got to the ferry station bright and early but this day did not have such an exciting start as yesterday.

The ferry that I was taking over to Vieques had engine problems and got delayed for two hours. I spent a lot of time reading and looking out the window and reading more and trying to ignore the girl in front of me who was playing loud dance music from her iPhone.

When we finally left, my adventurous spirit was pretty subdued. My zeal for exploring Vieques was diminishing quickly and by the time we got to the island at 1pm, all I wanted to do was find a beach and lay down. But I took some pictures along the way:

This island popped up randomly in the middle of the ocean.

The cloud looks like a dolphin jumping

I passed out on the beach next to this life guard tower after I took the picture of the cloud…and when I woke up I decided it was a good idea to take an early ferry back to the big island. I got back just in time for the sunset in Naguabo.

Overall, two really good days spent on Culebra and Vieques. Although the trip to Vieques was spoiled by the engine malfunction, it was still a good time to catch up on my reading. I only had a couple days left in PR and the plan was to relax and just enjoy the time while I was still here. The only thing on my agenda was lots of beach time, driving through nature time and reading time.

I’ll hopefully wrap up my PR trip in the next post.

Until then, Cheers.


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September 10, 2011 at 10:09 pm

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