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Music Box: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

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I’ll be taking a break from my Puerto Rico update to bring you the latest Music Box discovery.

The artist this month is Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. They must be racing fans I’m sure… or not. But their name certainly caught my attention and I decided to have a listen to whatever music they seem to make…and it was good.

It’s hard to describe their music (just like it’s hard to figure out why they would name themselves after a Nascar driver) but it builds off of lots of harmonies…instrumentally and vocally. The complexity of their music is found in the many simple ingredients added and added upon each other which produces songs that sound really full and saturated with good vibes. There is a well-balanced mix of soft acoustic sounds and electronic sounds that highlight each song through the entire CD. If I were you, I’d race out to your local music store (race. get it? haaa) and pick up a copy of their CD, It’s A Corporate World. Maybe I’ll make it down to the San Diego Music Thing this weekend to check them out.

Another reason I decided to check this band out was because one of the guys looks like Judah Friedlander

Anyway, here are a couple awesome songs:

Hooked yet? I know that was a very disturbing and hilarious ending for a music video but here’s a nice one:

Did you spot the spelling error? Completely ruined the entire video for me.

Just kidding.

Artist: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr
Albums: It’s A Corporate World

Suggested Music:

Artist: Bibio
Album: Mind Bokeh

Artist: Wide Mouth Mason
Album: No Bad Days
These guys are like a watered down, Canadian version of The Black Keys…but not quite…but still good. Tons of their songs are perfect for surf videos.

There are tons of great bands still to come!

In the meantime, you can enjoy my Puerto Rico updates for the next week or so. Boring. I know. Bear with me.


Written by jonewantsm3

September 7, 2011 at 1:00 am

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