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PR: Crash Boat & Jobos

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After many hours of driving and listening to the radio and hearing them play the same song over and over again (another Mickey Mouse clubber singing about skyscrapers and pieces of paper and glass breaking)…I needed time to filter out all the angst and turmoil in my ears.

Time for surfing.

To be honest, I am a bigger fan of traveling and learning about other cultures than I am of surfing…but I definitely wanted to be able to shred some of the waves that PR has to offer. The first stop was Crash Boat Playa which I knew there were no waves at the time but I wanted to see it.

This is definitely something you cannot see in San Diego.

Afterwards, I drove to Jobos (pronounced ‘hobos’ as in ‘hobos andwich’) and the waves were head high with only only two guys sitting in the lineup. Perfecto. The rental board sucked but I was able to catch a lot of fun waves with it and surfed for a couple hours before the masses started showing up. Then I paddled in and took this picture:

Jobos is rad in that it operates like a toilet bowl. The wave breaks right (surfing left in the picture), then you paddle in, and the current will sweep you in a counter-clockwise motion and before you know it you’re back out in the line up.

It was great to relax and enjoy surfing in 85 degree water instead of listening to another Mickey Mouse club future train wreck in the making. It’s always important to me to make sure that I have some downtime instead of turning the vacation into a big to-do list…and Jobos was a great idea for some downtime.

Until next time, cheers.


Written by jonewantsm3

September 1, 2011 at 5:22 pm

Posted in Adventures, Travel

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