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Loving Orphans Global

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Last night, I had the opportunity to go to another fundraiser for an organization called Loving Orphans Global.

The group of guys/girls who are part of this team raise money and travel to Indo to support the local orphanages there. They partner with them to expand, raise awareness, raise money and spend time serving and caring for the many kids who are there. All kids deserved to be cared for and to know that they are loved…which is why I love supporting groups like this similar to Children of the Nations. So when my friend called me and asked if I wanted to head down there to support Loving Orphans Global, I couldn’t say no.

The fundraiser was located at Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside…a nice little hipster village where the battle of the bulge is fought before my eyes at every passing teenage boy and/or grown thirty year old man stuck in adolescence. Throughout the night, they raffled off prizes that were donated from all sorts of shops and local artists. The open mic was also interesting as there were lots of decent musicians as well as your share of teenage showfulness. Son, it does not matter how cool you think you look as you play your guitar or sway and shift your weight up on your toes or try to say funny/awkward/quirky things or make sex-faces while you sing…if your music sucks. Just thought I’d like to throw that out there.

Anyway, I arrived early and purchased five raffle tickets and sat in the corner to enjoy my dinner with my friends. More and more people showed up as the evening transitioned into night time.

The only item in the raffle that I wanted was one of the surfboards. And this is when my evening took a turn for the awesome.

I never ever win raffle items. Ever. Of the five tickets I purchased tonight… four of them won me prizes!

I felt like this kid in Willy Wonka…except I found four golden tickets!

None of the items that I won was a surfboard, but I would have been completely happy even if I didn’t win anything because the money was going towards supporting this cause. I started getting worried that a riot would break out and people would start yelling at me. Here are my spoils from the night:

1. Captain Fish Swag Bag: hat, two shirts, surf video ($60)
2. Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen gift card ($25)
3. A one night stay at the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort ($160)
4. Gremmie skateboard ($160)

Again, I’ve never won anything in my life so this is either me making up for a lifetime of failure… or letting me know that I’ll never win anything in my life ever again.

But this also presents a problem as I am doing the 100 Thing Challenge. I need to figure out which items are worth keeping and which items should be sold or given away to bless someone else. Hmm… we’ll see. Or maybe I need to brush up on my skating skills after an eighteen year hiatus. I’ll figure it out this weekend.

To say the least, I felt like the champion of all things raffled when I walked back to my car that night. And you too could feel like a champion! (haha cheeesy…), please check out their site and donate and support this cause…or at least gain some awareness of what’s going on in Indo with these orphanages. My friend who organized this event said that this was the second fundraiser of many more to come so be on the lookout for future fundraisers events and go!

Check out their website:

Until next time, Cheers and have a great Friday.


Written by jonewantsm3

August 12, 2011 at 1:00 am

Posted in 100 Things, Church, Rant

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